How to Disable Handoff in iOS 11

Enabled by default, Handoff in your iOS 11 device gives you a seamless user-experience across all your Apple devices while working on apps.
Simply put, with Handoff enabled, you can start using an app on one Apple device, say the Mail app on your Mac computer for instance, leave the computer in office, get back to your home, sign-in to a different Apple device (iPad for example) using the same ID, and continue working on the Mail app from where you left off at your office.
Although there should be no reason to disable Handoff under normal circumstances, you may still want to do so for testing purposes or other security reasons.
Disabling Handoff in your iOS 11 is simple. Here’s how:
    Get to the General window
    Tap Settings > General. This opens the General window that enables you to manage general settings for your iOS device.


    Get to the Handoff window
    Tap Handoff. This opens the Handoff window that lets you enable or disable Handoff on your iOS 11 device.

    Disable Handoff

Tap the Handoff toggle button. This turns off Handoff on your iDevice, and your opened tasks and apps will no longer be synchronized across all your Apple devices.