How To Disable Samsung Smart TV SyncPlus Pop Ups


Samsung Smart TVs are full of web connected awesomeness. You can access your favorite streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora, or even browse the web! Unfortunately, great connectivity also comes with some not so great pop up ads, at least that's the case with Samsung's latest batch of Smart TVs. What's worse is that you probably didn't even opt-in to these bothersome pop ups! That's right, Samsung saw fit to "enhance" your viewing experience without even bothering to ask you. Not to worry though, there are ways to disable these pesky ads. Read on for steps on how to disable SyncPlus pop up ads on your Samsung Smart TV:


STEP 1 Navigate to the Smart Hub Terms & Conditions Page
You can find the terms and conditions page by accessing your TV Menu, selecting System and scrolling down to Smart Hub Terms & Conditions. Depending on which version your TV is you may also find the Smart Hub Terms & Conditions under the Smart Hub Menu.

STEP 2 Uncheck SyncPlus and Marketing Options
Page through the Smart Hub Terms & Conditions Page until you see the check boxes for SyncPlus and Marketing. Uncheck both of these and then make sure to complete the setup.

STEP 3 Hard reset your TV by unplugging it from the wall
Unplug your Samsung Smart TV power cable from the wall, wait 30 seconds and the plug it back in.

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