How to Disable the Touchscreen on a Windows 8 Laptop

There is only one reason why you would want to do this – you find having touchscreen on your laptop annoying. Many feel that the touch aspect on their Windows 8 laptops is just pointless, and they don't use it. Some even want to go so far as to turn the option off.

If you are one of these people who don’t want to use the touch screen, feel having it there even if you don’t use it is draining power, or are simply annoyed by its existence, then follow these few easy steps to disable touchscreen on your Windows 8 laptop.

1. In the search bar type “Control”.

(To get to search either point your cursor into the top right hand corner of the screen, or press the Windows Key and press the search button up in the top right hand corner of your apps screen.)


2. From the search options below select Control Panel.

(The search options will make a list below your search.)


3. In Control Panel click on the Pen And Touch Icon.

(Locate the Pen and Touch Icon. Sometimes this could be within the display options and not on the first screen.)


4. Next to the option Use Your Finger As An Input Device, either check or uncheck the tick boxes to your specification.

(If you don’t want any of it in use, then simply uncheck all the buttons to completely disable all the options.)

5. Click Apply and then OK.

Job done!