How to Do a Complete App Uninstall on MacBook

Sometimes you find you no longer need an app on your MacBook. You can remove this app by uninstalling it. A simple restart after uninstalling will get rid of the files associated with the app.
Uninstalling an app in macOS is not difficult. Just follow these simple steps.

1. Open ‘Finder’
Click on the ‘Finder’ icon in the dock on your home screen. ‘Finder’ will show you the list of files in your internal storage. The ‘Application’ folder contains the applications you have stored on your MacBook.
Alternatively, you can go to ‘File’ in the navigational panel of your home screen and open a new ‘Finder’ window.


2. Open ‘Applications’ Folder
Open the ‘Applications’ folder in the ‘Finder’ window. The folder will include all your installed applications. Browse through the files to find the applications you would like to remove from your MacBook.

3. Search for the App
Search for the app by typing its name into the Search bar. ‘Finder’ will show some of the files associated with that app, including the app launcher file.

4. Select ‘+’ button
Click on the ‘+’ button at the top left of the window. The toolbar will be extended for a search filter.

5. Set Parameters in Search Filter
Click on the ‘Kind’ tab and select ‘Other’ at the bottom of the drop-down list. A window asking you to select the kind of files will be displayed. There is a search bar on the top left of this screen.

6. Allow System Files to Appear
Type ‘System’ into the Search bar. Check the box next to the ‘System files’ option, and click ‘OK’. Finder will now be able to show you the system files.

7. Include ‘System Files’ in search
Click on the other filter on the right and change it from aren’t included to are included. All the app’s system files will now be shown, as well as the ones previously viewed.

8. Remove the 'App Files'
Move these files to ‘Trash’ or delete them permanently in accordance to your preference.

The unwanted app is now fully removed from your MacBook.