How To Download More Songs In Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now is a fun, free dance app that was released in September of 2014. Like the other Just Dance games, with Just Dance Now you have the capability of downloading more songs than just the few that you start off with in the app. Though the game is free to download, you will have to pay to get additional songs. Follow this guide to find out how to add to your Just Dance Now musical repertoire.

Step 1: Open the Just Dance Now app. You will see that the first available category of songs is the Today’s Free Songs section. You can play those songs anytime and dance along without paying a cent.

Step 2: Navigate to locked songs by scrolling past the free songs. You will see several categories, including New and All Songs. You’ll see a lock next to those categories: that’s because you will have to pay to access those songs.

Step 3: Click on a song to see VIP Pass Options. You’ll open a prompt asking you to purchase a VIP Pass. VIP Passes come with a variety of price points. With this pass, you can enjoy an hour-long Party Pass for $1 or subscribe for several months for $22 and up. Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed to enjoy more than just a few free songs with a VIP Pass.

Step 4: Gain access to full song library by purchasing a monthly pass, which will enable you to download and add up to 59 songs. You can access both contemporary and retro tunes and dance the night away!

Recap: Follow the simple steps above to add additional songs to your Just Dance Now game.