How To Download Your Google Data


It’s no secret that Google collects a mountain of personal data on each of its users to target them through search results and advertisements. In some cases, this makes for a useful personalized experience across multiple platforms and devices. In other cases, the motivation is purely driven by monetization of an ever-growing pool of users.

Whether you believe the trade-off is fair or not, Google does allow you to download your data from the varied assortment of its products you use in order to create an archive for safekeeping or to use the data in another service. Here’s how you can download your Google data:

    ■ In the address bar of your browser, type and press Enter.

    ■ If you’re not logged in, click on the blue Sign In in the top right corner and provide your credentials to log in to your account.


    ■ Once signed in, click on the profile icon in the top right corner.


    ■ Click on the blue My Account button to access your account’s settings.


    ■ In the middle section titled Personal info & privacy, click on Control your content link.


    ■ Under Download your data section on the right side, click Create Archive to get a copy of your Google data.


    ■ Here you can select the Google products you want to include in your archive by clicking on the slider on the right side of every product.


    ■ For more details and options for each product, select the Down arrow left to the slider.


    ■ Once you finish selecting, click on the Next button at the bottom of the page.


    ■ The next step is to choose your archive’s file type, size, and delivery method by clicking the Down arrow right next to the available options.


    ■ Finally, click the Create Archive to receive your Google data.


    ■ Depending on the amount of information in your account and the products you selected, the process could take anywhere between a few minutes or a few hours. Users usually receive the link on the same day they request the archive.

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