How to Earn Bux in Tiny Tower

There are two currencies in Tiny Tower - coins and bux. Coins are earned easily by running businesses, but it's a bit harder to get your hands on the bux you need to upgrade your elevator and move floors around. Here's some tips on how to earn bux:



1. Build a new floor: Everytime you build a new floor on ‘Tiny Tower’ you will be awarded with a Tower bux. Build floors and earn bux!
2. Help Bitizens: once Bitizens arrive to the elevator, help them to go to their desired floor. Sometimes they will reward you with bux as a tip.
3. Sometime you get bonus bux, if you stock a commercial floor completely.
4. Employ Bitizens: if you can employ bitizens in their dream job, you will get two bux as a reward. It is applicable only once for every single bitizen.
5. Help a Bitizen by searching: if any blue icon appears lower left of the screen. Tap on that icon. It will show you which bitizen to find. Then find the citizen and you will get bux as a reward.
6. Birthday Bux: If any of your bitizens has birthday. Then you will earn bux.
7. Watch Ads: you can watch some ads to earn some bux. You have to tap on ‘Menu.' You will find them on that page.
8. Complete missions: There are several missions on the ‘Menu’. Access them and complete them. You will earn different amount of tower bux for completing different missions.
9. Use Real money to buy Bux: if you have a few dollars to spend, then you can buy Bux in exchange for real money.