How to Earn K-stars in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

K-stars are very important in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. The in-game currency helps you play the game your way. Here are some tips to get K-stars in the game.

Complete goals:

The game will give you objectives to complete. After completing every goal, you will be rewarded with few K-stars. You won't get a lot of stars this way, but completing the goals quickly will add up.

Tap on K-stars:
After completing the goal, you will be rewarded with K-stars. They will be floating on the screen. You have to collect them by tapping on them, and they will be automatically added to your collection.

Level up:

Another way to collect K-stars is leveling up. If you complete several goals your level will increase. As a result you will be rewarded with K-stars.


If you can't wait for your K-stars, you can purchase them with real-life money. Tap on the (+) icon next to your K-stars. You will be taken to the store. There you will be see different categories and amounts of K-stars. Choose yours and tap on purchase. You will be taken to a payment page.

Tap on the 'Get free K-stars' on the store to go to the offer page. Complete them and earn free K-Stars.