How to Earn Starfruit in Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a fruit slicing game. In this game, there are three game modes, numerous blades, and dojo themes to play in. Starfruit is the in-game currency required to buy blades, dojos, and powerups. If you find yourself running short of Starfruit, there are several ways to earn more:

1. Objectives- You will see several objectives to complete. Each objective will earn you a certain amount of Starfruit. Read and complete objectives to get more. When you complete the objectives you have at the beginning, you’ll get more objectives to complete.

2. Scoring- Depending on which game mode you play, you earn Starfruit by scoring points. During gameplay, Starfruit sometimes pop up, so slice the Starfruit when it appears for some extra.

Tip 1: Arcade and Classic modes yield higher scores.
Tip 2: Use power-ups to increase your score. These cost Starfruit to use, but should you score high enough, it will offset the cost, thereby increasing your Starfruit totals.

3. Gatsu- At the top right of the screen, you’ll see your Starfruit number and a + sign. Tap the + sign to enter Gatsu’s shop. Here you can buy Starfruit or sometimes Gatsu gives you some as a gift. Again, this happens only on occasion, so visit Gatsu periodically.