How to Enable HDMI-CEC on Your Fire TV


There are days when we want to watch something on our Fire TV but it takes minutes before the screen fills up because your TV is on the wrong HDMI input or the TV took a long time to boot up. You can avoid this annoying wait time by enabling HDMI-CEC on your Fire TV.

HDMI-CEC is a code that works with a bunch of devices that can be used to operate your TV. Since, a Fire TV Stick connects to the HDMI port, you can take advantage of this setting. When you enable it on your TV and Fire TV, every time you interact with your remote (say press Home button), your TV will get a message from Fire TV to switch on.
This particular setting comes in handy if you have multiple devices connected to your TV. If you use an Echo Device, with HDMI-CEC enabled, you will have to simply spell out a command and your TV will respond with your favorite content even if it is switched off previously. Following are the steps that you can follow to enable HDMI-CEC on your Fire TV.

Step 1. Enable HDMI-CEC on Your TV
The first step in enabling HDMI-CEC is to enable it on your TV. Almost every TV brand has an alternative name for CEC, therefore you will have to find the particular name for your TV’s brand. Once you know the alterative name, look for it in your TVs settings menu and enable it.

Step 2. Click ‘Settings’ on Fire TV
CEC is enabled by default in the Fire TV but just to be sure or enable it in case you had disabled it, you have start by clicking on ‘Settings’ on your home screen.

Step 3. Click on ‘Display and Sounds’
Click on ‘Display and Settings’ and you should see the name of HDMI-CEC in the list and whether it is enabled or disabled.

Step 4. Enable HDMI-CEC.

So, this is how you can quickly make your TV respond to your remote or voice control and now that HDMI-CEC is enabled on your Fire TV, you can switch on your favorite show by just ‘shouting’ the command from the other room.