How to Enable UI tuner and customize Quick Settings options in Android Marshmallow


One of the neatest elements of Android Marshmallow is the UI Tuner. It allows you to quickly control frequently used settings with a single swipe and makes managing your phone easier than ever. With the UI Tuner, you can quickly access the battery indicator, toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more with a swipe. Here’s how to enable and customize it.

Enable UI Tuner
1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to access quick settings
2. Tap and hold the gear icon for a few seconds. The gear will rotate and take you to a settings page. You should see a message ‘Congrats! System UI Tuner has been added to Settings.’
3. Confirm by accessing the Settings menu and look for ‘System UI Tuner’ in About phone.

Customize Quick Settings
Once you have enabled UI Tuner, it’s time to have a look at what it can do. This was once the preserve of rooted Android phones but since Android Marshmallow, is available for all users.
1. Navigate to Settings and then About Phone. The first time you open Quick Settings you will get a warning ‘Fun for some but not for all’. Tap ‘Got it’ to proceed.
2. Tap Quick Settings to access a copy of the Quick Settings window. This is where you make your changes.
3. Press and hold any icon to rearrange it or drag it to the bottom to delete.
4. Tap Add tile if you want to add something else or recover a deleted icon.
5. Select Status Bar from the UI Tuner menu to select or disable notifications as you see fit.
6. Enable ‘Show embedded battery percentage’ from the UI Tuner menu to enable the battery indicator.

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