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    Solved! DVD hdmi only. Old tuner. No sound

    I just got a new DVD player with hdmi as the only output. Old Sony tuner. Have picture no sound. Got a hdmi splitter and hdmi to rca converter thinking that would help but still no sound. DVD to splitter. Splitter to TV. Splitter to rca converter to tuner. No go. Am I overthinking this? Can...
  2. S

    Dvd tuner converter

    Pioneer stereo dvd hook to another pioneer with tuner and dvd player to hook to digital stream converter box to hook to vizio 40 inch flat screen?
  3. R

    Solved! tuner to sounder

    Can anyone recommend a tuner that I can connect to my Samsung soundbar.Can you play a music source with wi-fi without using Samsung Multi App?
  4. C

    hooking up an indoor antenna

    i have a digital tuner tv with hdmi ports and an antenna with a coax cable and usb and no hdmi can i hook it up and have it work
  5. D

    Solved! Grouping of OTA Channels Not Received on Older Samsung TV (OTA Tuner Issue?)

    I live in the Vegas area and receive ~50 OTA channels. Have a 2007 model LCD Samsung TV LNT5271FX/XAA along with two other flat screen TVs. The two other TVs receive the channels 26.1, 26.2, 26.3, 26.4, 26.5, 26.6, 26.7, and 26.9; however, the Samsung TV does not receive those channels .....or...
  6. F

    Solved! Need help with Antenna and Tuner Box

    I have the vizio E55 E2 tv that has no tuner and I cut the cabe with Spectrum and want to watch local tv. I got an antenna that has a coax cable, so I got a set top box/tuner that is supposed to work and I've plugged it in with the coax and also an HDMI cable. It comes on but It says I have to...
  7. M

    Solved! OTA Tuner/DVR for a 47 inch Vizio, Model#SV420M

    Looking for a DVR
  8. C

    looking for an external tuner that is compabale with my vizio tv

    I purchased a M65-E0 4k vizio tv. It does not have an internal tuner.I have digital cable coming into my house but no cable box. (basic cable) what tuner do I need to get so that I can watch my local channels?
  9. L

    Antenna hook up

    No hook up for an antenna on my Smart TV how do I get local channels my menu does not have a tuner
  10. doubleudee

    Smart TV with built in Sat Tuner

    Background:- I have Two satellite dishes (one is motorised so may this one not be used) but my (external) sat tuner box is playing up and also my tv is getting a little long in the tooth (14 yrs old). Looking to the future:- I am looking to get a new TV with screen size around 55" to 60" max...
  11. G

    What ATSC tuner do you recommend for Visio E50X-E1

    Please recommend ATSC Tuner for Visio E50X-E1
  12. D

    How to get sat music on my tuner

    I have a high end bryston preamp and amp,would like to add a tuner. What's the best way to get all music sat stations,on the tuner? We live in th country and have cable for our tv.
  13. J

    can't change fm tuner stations

    i have a Sony STR G3 stereo,,, it uses an egg shaped remote to set the stations but i lost the remote. i can only get 87.5, which is just static, and cannot manually go to any other frequency. Any idea how I can solve this problem would be appreciated
  14. S

    How to connect my lg G3 Tv to antenna. Since I reboot tv I realize I can't see Dtv tuner what do I do

    I have a lg G3 47 inch Google tv but I can't connect a antenna after I reboot is there a solution to fix this problem
  15. A

    I have comcast cable what does a dtv tuner do

    Comcast cable with dtv tuner?
  16. M

    How do I get my cable tv signal to run through a dvd recorder? The recorder has a digital tuner and i followed the instruction

    Can't record from cable tv to an older dvd recorder wuth built-in tuner
  17. 2

    Connect mp3 player to home stereo tuner to record fm station?

    Trying to connect mp3 player to home stereo tuner to record a local fm station. The fm station is not online and is not strong enough to be tuned into a mp3 radio setting. This station plays only music 24/7. I'd like to record it on a mp3 player and take the station recordings with me when I...
  18. C

    connect tuner to soundbar

    Have a brand new DAB+ Yamaha D-T500 tuner that I want to attach to a Sony HT-ST5000 soundbar. Have tried optical connection between the two and optical from tuner to 3.5mm jack on soundbar and both options doesn't produce any sound. The tuner doesn't have an HDMI socket.
  19. T

    TV with satellite

    I have a Vizio 4k tv but no RF hookup. I have dish Network. How do I hook the dish to the tv.
  20. M

    Solved! Dynaudio or B&O Comparison

    Hello, I'm looking for some opinions before making a second hand purchase. For the same price, the options are: 2x Dynaudio Excite x14s & Tuner amp Beolab 7.2 soundbar (2008 ish model) Which is likely to have better sound quality and also longevity? Thanks in advance. Max
  21. S

    How do I get digital channels on my cable package if my internal tuner no longer works?

    I have an RCA 55" HDTV. When I did the channel scan, it did not pick up any of our cable packages digital channels. I have three other HDTV's and they all picked up the digital channels. Is my internal tuner no longer working? If not, what are my options for picking up the digital channels...
  22. S

    how to play music from phone to my sonyreciever tuner

    How do connect my android phone to my sonyreciever tuner to play music from Utube etc
  23. D

    new DVD & TV w/ older tuner/amp

    How do I get audio to RCA inputs on older amp with only HDMI output on DVD and video to TV?
  24. D

    How do I connect a Kenwood amp control model basic C12 an Onkyo Integra synthesized tuner 280 Kenwood equalizer GE 1100 to a P

    Okay I have an old stereo with a new aunt I have a Kenwood stereo control amplifier model basic C12 and Auntie o Integra Court synthesized FM stereo tuner R1 a Kenwood graphic equalizer GE 1100 a pioneer PDF 1005 CD player but I have a Peavey IPR 3000 DSP amplifier how do I hook that all up
  25. bryanthemercman

    Is it possible to connect my DVD Player to my surround sound amp as the connections differ.

    Need some advice I have a Sherwood Tuner Amplifier with phono connections and I want to use the sound HDMI connection to connect to the amplifier. The DVD Player is a Panasonic DMP-UB400EBK the Sherwood does also have an optical connector but I use that to connect my twin cassette recorder at...
  26. O

    Pioneer VSX-402 tuner board

    Looking for a tuner board for a Pioneer VSX 402 (awz-4762?) Girlfriend loves this receiver. Think it took a lightning hit. Receives signals at a lower freq than it should (94.7 comes in clear @ 94.6) and the audio level is lower than other sources. All works fine but the tuner. Anyone know if...
  27. M

    Extend OTA coax signal directly to TVs digital tuner - wirelessly

    I have an older 4 bedroom house that does not have coax in each room. I currently only have an antenna in the attic and connected that to HD HomeRun to run on some Amazon Fire sticks. What I am looking to do is also utilize the built in digital tuner in the back of some TVs without running a...
  28. A

    LG and Google TV Tuner

    Anybody have any luck activating the digital tuner in an LG Google TV, specifically the 50GA6400. Seems Google and LG decided to not migrate them all to ANdroid TV and left all the Google TV owners high and dry with a TV that will not do anything like OTA TV using the coax input.
  29. T

    Solved! What causes it if using tv tuner on laptop?

    Is it dangerous if i use TV tuner on my asus GL553VD? Thanks.
  30. L

    Dish Network Tv Tuner

    I'm Looking for a tv tuner compatible with windows 7 or 10, it can either be pcie or usb, even expresscard 54, i'm not anywhere near the set top box so hdmi is not a possibility, it has to be coax, id prefer one that supports 720p or higher, but 480p is perfectly fine if i can't get one.
  31. E

    I have a vizio E70-E3 TV without a tuner, and my cable coming into the house is Coaxial. What do I need to make it work?

    I have a vizio E70-E3 4k tv without a tuner. My cable coming in is coaxial. I need to go from coax to hdmi with a tuner to change channels
  32. B

    Need your recommendation for an OTA digital tuner for my new 70" Vizio M-class?

    I recently bought a 70" Vizio M70-E3 Display. Are there digital tuners avail that you would recommend for this device? I've found lots of converters, but they don't seem like they would last and I would rather not go through the whole DtoA conversion process since I prefer to use HDMI cables...
  33. S

    How to make USB DVB-T tuners pick up analog TV?

    So i have a generic usb tv tuner that only picks up digital tv, but i wonder is it possible to make it pick up analog tv too?
  34. I

    tv tuner for vizio 4k 55 inch tv

    Hello, I am trying to find a tv tuner for my vizio 4k 55 inch tv, I need on for an antenna, but I want to make sure if will do over the air broad casting at 4k, I've been having a hard time finding a descent one, mainly because I don't really know what I'm looking for
  35. J

    how to hook up an old harman kardon pm640 amplifier and tuner to new sony surround sound system and samsung tv

    I have a harman kardon pm640 amplifier and tuner which i want to connect to anew sony surround system and a samsung tv. I have an hdmi cable to connect to surround sound system but I cant get the amplifier or tuner working ;(
  36. S

    Ota channels in kodi

    Hi, I'm running around in circles with kodi and live tv. Ok, I am using a firestick with Krypton and the iptv is fantastic, however I'm trying to figure out how to get my ota channels to run through kodi. My tv has a built in tuner and I get 46 channels through my antenna. Do i still need to buy...
  37. M

    Bose 201 Series II bare wire speakers to Pioneer Tuner RCA input

    I want to connect a pair of Bose 201 Series II speakers (with bare wire output terminals) to a Pioneer TX-6500ii Stereo Tuner that has RCA jack inputs. Would using a Speaker Wire cable to Audio Male RCA Connector Adapter Jack Plug be the best way to handle this set-up? Or do I need something...
  38. T

    Amplifier Question!! How much power can my amp provide?

    Hello, I want to ask something about my old Cassette Tuner Amplifier -> Rotel RCX-820. I'm currently using it for my pc set up and I can say it handles everything ok, but I would like to upgrade the audio setup with an extra Woofer (to increase the Bass) Power output: 20 watts per channel into...
  39. D

    Tv built in tuner

    If my tv has a built in tuner that I use with my antenna, do I still need to buy a tuner if I want to use kodi to record ota channels?
  40. P

    USB TV tuner for laptop

    *I hope I put this in the right thread :ange:* Hi. I'm trying to record OTA TV and FM radio using a USB tuner. (I'm located in the US) I'm trying to find something in the $50 price range, or under. Compatibility with Windows Media Center would be nice. I will be using it on a Windows 10 laptop...
  41. M

    How can I use just one indoor antenna for both my tv AND satellite box, when tv only has one coax input?

    I have a Sony tube tv with one coax port. I have a direct tv off air antenna box AND the direct tv tuner. The antenna box only finds channels with an antenna hooked into it. Now, in bad weather, my satellite loses all signal. When this happens, I want to be able to see OTA on the tv through my...
  42. A

    Wired Speaker to smart tv

    All I want to do is connect my old infinity wired speakers to my samsung smart tv. I thought I could do by connecting an optical cord to the tv and tuner... I get no sound. I already know the speaker, tuner and tv work. Please help!! Thanks
  43. A

    How do i connect Set Top Box To my Dell Monitor to watch TV ?

    *****I have a Dish TV Normal STB (Not HD, it does not have HDMI Port at the back) STB's back Pic : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B92vXkWjB-d7YjdYaTJ2RThfSTQ *****I have a Dell LCD Monitor which also does not have a HDMI Port *****I have a TV Tuner (Intex TV Tuner Box IT-160)...
  44. T

    When I select tv on my Visio I do t get a tuner choice to have is scan for channels I am still getting no signal what else can

    I wanted to hook up an antenna with no cable - but my Visio does not give a tuner option under - tv- to scan for channels ?? I just get no signal - what can I do
  45. N

    Do OTA tuners change?

    I have a 37" Vizio TV (VW37L-HDTV20A). If I were to upgrade, will the OTA digital tuner in a new TV be any better?
  46. J

    No reception on the tuner

    Kenwood KR 77 .I can't tune in any stations at all
  47. G

    Samsung TV with Yamaha tuner

    Samsung un85 TV with Yamaha tuner problems. Tuner switches to AV4 one minute after turn on. I have to reselect the HDMI 2 input to restore sound.
  48. L

    Have a panasonic plasma monitor with one cdmi port, an older receiver/tuner and a simple converter box how can I connect a fir

    Have a TH-50PDHD8uk panasonic plasma monitor with one cdmi port, an older STA-3850 receiver/tuner and a simple KCPI converter box how can I connect a fire stick? Thanks
  49. G

    vcr/dvd won't record one certain channel

    I have three vcr/dvd recorder players with a digital tuner.I get all of my local channels,but about two weeks ago I couldn't get one of the local channels.This is not on just one vcr,but all of them.They did change one of their antenna tv stations from channel 33-3 channel 15-1.I asked the...
  50. I

    Solved! HDTV Antenna into Surround Sound Unit

    The TV tuner on my television is going bad and doesnt display my over the air signal without distortion. Ive been wanting to get a surround sound unit and was wondering if they make them with TV tuners built in. This way I could wire my HD antenna directly into the surround sound unit then out...
  51. Y

    TV's audio tuner

    Can I connect the audio from my LG TV model 65UF8500-UB to Pioneer tuner model cx-770 ?
  52. T

    Rear surround speakers

    I just hooked up my rear speakers and they only work when the receiver is in tuner they don't work when watching a movie or TV. Any suggestions
  53. S

    Solved! Radio stations on DAV S550 Only tunes by 5 or 10?

    Hi, I own a Sony dav s550 and the radio tuner only tunes by 5 or 10. I would like 96.2 NOT 96.5 or 96.0 . Can i get help?
  54. N

    No TV tuner

    i made the mistake of purchasing a vizio TV now i cancelled my cable but still able to get few of the cable chanels (discover, espn ect ) from analog from the wall hook up on my older LED TV. But vizio does not have a tuner and the ones i have tried to use says channels are scrambled! (other...
  55. M

    Vizio tv without tuner how can I make my cable work without a cable box

    I have a Vizio smart tv which does not have the tuner on the back. My cable comes into my house with just a coaxial cable I do not have a cable box this cable just screwed into the tuner in the back of my old tv. Is there something I can buy so the cable will work on my new tv
  56. C

    old pioneer tuner 435 and new Phillips model 40pfl5505d

    My mother wants to run the tv through the tuner hmdi tv but rca tuner is it possible? Do I need a cable? or a tconverter?
  57. Azevedo

    Connecting 2 audio outputs to 1 subwoofer [photo attached]

    Hi, I have this PC subwoofer (2 ch) as shown in this picture: I adapted this "splitter" so it can receive audio from both PC and TV tuner (connected to an external UHF antenna). It works, but I'm not sure if this is correct. Is it? The issue is that some times, when I'm using the PC and the...
  58. M

    Using monitor as a TV

    I am looking into getting Samsung FULLHD S32E590 monitor http://www.samsung.com/uk/consumer/it/monitor/curved-mo... as a TV, I figured out I need a good reciever or android box with tuner to get dish channels and also using remote, so I want to know is this is a bad idea? Will watching the...
  59. Kisianik

    TV Tuner for Vizio M series M50-DL

    Hi I need help to get OTA (Over The Air) local broadcast. My wife liked Vizio M series for picture quality, but Vizio removed TV tuners (I guess to cut costs) on P and M series completely and left on some olderm cheaper models, like E series. I don't need DVR (but if it is only available in...
  60. B

    Will TV Tuner Work if Using Coax to HDMI Converter

    So the coax port fell out of my tv earlier today. There are hdmi ports so I was considering getting a coax to hdmi converter. I was wondering if the TV tuner would still work through HDMI or if that is a coax specific option. Might be a really stupid question but I am not sure of the answer...