Connecting 2 audio outputs to 1 subwoofer [photo attached]


Dec 4, 2014

I have this PC subwoofer (2 ch) as shown in this picture:

I adapted this "splitter" so it can receive audio from both PC and TV tuner (connected to an external UHF antenna).
It works, but I'm not sure if this is correct. Is it?

The issue is that some times, when I'm using the PC and the tv tuner is on standby/off I hear some very small sparkles sounds and even some radio playing in a very very low volume (even if the tv tunner is off!). It only stops when I unplug the RCA audio from the tv tuner.

Is it any risk on doing this? I mean, I'm connecting 2 audio outputs in the same wire can it damage the audio outputs?

What would be the proper way to share a subwoofer for both PC and the TV tuner?