Using monitor as a TV


Jul 7, 2015
I am looking into getting Samsung FULLHD S32E590 monitor as a TV, I figured out I need a good reciever or android box with tuner to get dish channels and also using remote, so I want to know is this is a bad idea? Will watching the screen a little way further make it worse than tv? or a tv is just a monitor with tuner and aome features

Noticing that getting that monitor ia almost exact price here as a 32 inch tv which is only hd



Question from Me-Professional : "Monitor to TV"

If price the same and you need a TV, why not then buy a TV?

That's is true, behind every TV is a monitor (pure display screen), so TV=Tuner+Monitor and you can certainly add a turner to a snazzy (maybe cheaper?) monitor you fall in love with. You do have to take the risk that the external tuner output resolution may not match the monitor exactly and the image may not be exactly centered and/or getting black side bars. A TV, the vendor already took care of that matching for you.



TV's are designed around home entertainment whereas monitors are designed around computers. so a tv will have multiple HDMI ports for multiple devices where a monitor usully only has one HDMI and legacy ports like VGA and DVI and most devices now only use HDMI ports so if you plan on using multiple home entertainment devices then go with the television over the monitor