I’ve been using my OLED TV as a PC monitor for six months — here’s what happened

Fox Tread3

Jun 19, 2023
I have my Samsung Galaxy Chromebook hooked up to my couple of years old LG 55" OLED TV. I cut the cord over a decade ago, and watch programming from Amazon Prime and Netflix on it. The TV's zoom feature is very handy when visiting other sites. I can hook up my desktop PC to the TV using my EVGA RTX3080 Ti via HDMI. My armored vehicle simulation looks great on the TV. The TV provides wonderful closeups of details that are smaller on my Alienware 34" curved OLED desk monitor. I agree with Mr. Meikleham that the Alienware 34" is a great monitor. I also have another desktop PC hooked up to a Dell 32" computer monitor, that has a 3840x2160 resolution that comes close to 4K, but is definitely not OLED in visual quality. So bottom line I think if someone has a large room and wants to use their large screen TV for various kinds of viewing. It's perfectly reasonable.
Jun 20, 2023
Does using a 48-inch 4K TV as a day-to-day monitor for your job actually work? There's only one way to find out...

I’ve been using my OLED TV as a PC monitor for six months — here’s what happened : Read more
I’m using a 65” 8k Samsung 800B with a large sit/stand desk in my (work) office. Mac M2 running the tv at native 8k. And it works surprisingly well.

This replaced a single 4K 32” monitor on an arm, that was mounted in the center of the desk. DPI-wise and physical size-wise the 65” at 8k is the same as having 4 of the 32” 4K monitors in a 2x2 setup.

Every engineer on my team thinks the size is ridiculous. Almost all my colleagues think it’s riduculous. And I agree that it’s ridiculous to have a 65” display sitting on a desk.

But - it works quite well, aside from the embarrassment. The text clarity is the same as the 4K monitor, the black levels are better, and the brightness goes…brighter.

Workflow-wise, I’ve found there are two modes: sit and stand. When sitting, only the bottom half of the screen is useful for normal MacOS interactions and typing. The top half is too elevated to be comfortable using for more than a few minute, so is useful only for displaying data - calendar, monitoring dashboards, etc. But that’s useful, I need monitoring dashboards visible.

Standing mode is where this works best, the entire 8k is usable for normal MacOS interactions. I would absolutely prefer to have this display in 48” size, but when standing and with the tv/monitor ~30 inches away and my eyes at about the centerline, any part of the display except the 5% in the corners is usable for text entry & normal UX interactions.