I’ve had my LG G3 OLED for 7 months — 3 things I love and 2 I hate


Oct 20, 2008
Let's see, after many years of hearing how OLEDs are not bright enough and the G3 supposedly being much brighter. I upgraded from my C9 only to learn that 90% of what I watch will not be affected by the increased brightness. If you like, watching super bright YouTube or other non-hdr content you are in luck, but don't expect to see any brighter environments in any of the 4K HDR blu-rays you may have. The vast majority of movies have nothing in the HDR information that's asking it to be any brighter than what the C9 could already do. After going through many of my movies, the only thing that I could find that stood out and was easy to detect was the new DreamWorks intro on the last puss and Boots movie. It has the crescent moon flying around amongst some of the other DreamWorks movies characters and it's noticeably brighter on the G3 but that was about it.

Also I'm one of the lucky ones that got a G3 that snaps crackles and pops the entire time. It's on. Keep in mind this isn't just when it's warming up or cooling down. It's the entire time you're watching the TV and there's a quiet part and the dark scene in that a bright scene or vice versa. They have information on their site and they try to tell you that it's normal. But again I had a plasma television for 9 years that never did that. And then I had the C9 for 4 years in the same location and the same temperatures and humidity and blah blah blah but never did it. The G3 makes the snap crackle and pop sounds randomly whenever it's on.