How to Extend the Battery Life on a MacBook Pro

As far as battery is concerned, Apple’s MacBook line does a good job of providing high levels of performance for long periods of time. However, if you’re away from electrical outlets for a whole day, or simply want to know how to boost your battery efficiency in case you ever misplace an AC adapter, the following tips will help you right along.

Step 1

To start, make sure you aren’t dealing with a battery that can be adequately described as a “lost cause.” If your battery isn’t holding a charge, it could need replacing. To check, hold down the “Option” key and click on the battery status icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. If the dropdown menu says “Normal,” you’re fine; if it says “Replace Soon,” you should do just that.

Step 2

Don’t leave your MacBook Pro plugged in all the time. You may think it is good to always have a full charge when you need it, but leaving it plugged in all the time can actually overcharge and damage the battery. Instead, you should make a point of running down your battery charge regularly.

Step 3

Apple even recommends the process of calibrating the battery every few months. To do this, you must fully charge your MacBook Pro, unplug it and run the battery until it goes to sleep, shut it down for five hours, and then fully charge it once more. This process will help your battery provide more accurate percentage readings and time estimates, as well as improving its overall efficiency.

The above steps are just a few of the ways to improve the battery performance of your MacBook Pro. However, they are important maintenance steps to take to make sure your computer battery lasts for as long as possible. You spent a lot on your MacBook laptop, so make sure you take the steps necessary to keep it healthy.