How to Find 4K Content on your Fire TV

Ultra High Definition or 4K Content as it is commonly called is becoming increasingly popular in recent times. Amazon 2nd & 3rd Generation Fire TV supports 4K Ultra HD video streaming for some select TV shows and movies offering a picture resolution of up to 2160p that is around four times greater than HD. But for this you require an Ultra HD TV with a minimum of one HDMI input supporting HDCP 2.2 content protection. HDPC (High Bandwidth Digital Copy Protection) is a standard protecting digital content that makes it very difficult for digital hackers to ‘rip’. HDCP 2.2 is a new version that has been specifically updated to protect 4K content. It also requires HDMI 2.0 that is available only on new models televisions. It is possible for all Fire TV devices to instantly detect the HDCP 2.2 requirements and the Fire TV Display Menu can also display whether your TV is supporting HDCP 2.2.
Moreover a high speed internet connection of 15 Mbps or more is required to stream Ultra HD 4K. A good example is Netflix that recommends an internet connection of 20 Mbps to give viewers a viewing experience never seen before. Fire TV devices have an added advantage as they can check the internet connection and even diagnose connection problems if any with a network status tool.

Finding 4K Content on Fire TV

For enabling 4K on your second generation Fire TV you can level up fast in Fallout 4 with these simple steps.

1. Begin by scrolling down to the bottom of the screen and then select ‘Settings’.

2. Now Select ‘Display and Sounds’ which is the first option.

3. Once you go down to the ‘Display’ option you should select ‘Video Resolution’

4. Ensure that it is set on ‘Auto’ as it will instantly play on 4K (if it is available). In case it is not default option you should move on select it now.
There is no other way to get 4K resolution, as it is not possible to set it up as a default. If you are interested in seeing content in 1080 p, you can select this option now. But when you start watching movies and shows in 4K it becomes almost impossible to watch in 1080p.
Once all this is done you can just sit back and enjoy movies and shows on 4K playing on your television screen. You can watch great 4K content on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, VUDU and several others after paying a subscription.