Question What is DSM and how to activate it?

Aug 16, 2022
Hello! I'm sorry if this is not the place, but I'm trying to find information about DSM and I can't. Maybe someone here can help me.

I have been using a Hier tv (model L26f6) for over 7 years (it has been repaired twice). I know, it's old. All this time I thought the tv could only display at 720p. The quality was noticeable lower than my 1080p monitor.

The thing is this morning I turned on my PS4 and the TV was magically working on 1080p. It looked incredible for that old tv, although the sound wasn't working. I turned it off and on again to fix the sound, but the full HD quality was gone.

I wasn't able to find an option to make it look like that again, besides the DSM function. It makes it look great, but it's only a demo (?), so it leaves me with an annoying blue frame bouncing throughout the screen.

In the image below you can see the DSM working (left) and not working (right).



If someone knows what is DSM (I can't find anything online) and how to fully activate it, it would really help me. It's hard for me to use the tv now that I know it's not reaching full hd although it can.

Thank you very much beforehand!!
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That TV is a 720 set (more or less)

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This is from a manual of that TV brand, it looks like you can cycle it to Off and On as well.
You should be able to get the same quality by checking on other settings, turn off power savings, check the options for brightness/contract, see if there are preset settings you like maybe in the Picture Optimize option.

Can also see if their support has some details about the DSM setting




to select DEMO OFF, DEMO1,DEMO2,
Intelligent Mode



to set ON /OFF/Demo, if you select ON,
the TV set will be in the intelligent mode, if there is
no one in front of the TV for about 20 minutes, the
TV power saving state, 10 minutes latter, the TV set
automatically stand by, When people return in front
of the TV, the TV set automatically turn.