How To Fix A Buzzing Fan In Lenovo Yoga Laptops


Lenovo is known to be a go-to brand when it comes to building reliable and well-priced laptops. They seem to have pretty much every segment of the market covered with their laptops. Sometimes you can come across unusual issues. This tutorial will show you how to resolve a buzzing fan in your Lenovo Yoga laptop.

1. While your laptop is powered down, flip the Yoga to its underside. You should see a sticker at the right, left or top center portion of your Yoga’s bottom cover. This sticker will hold the SKU and model number for your Yoga.

2. Use the SKU to find Lenovo’s support site specific to your Lenovo Yoga.

3. We will need the service manual to in order to resolve the buzzing fan issue.

4. For the sake of this tutorial we will be dealing with a Lenovo Yoga 720 which seems to have a common failure point with the fan. The buzzing from the fan can be intolerable at higher RPM’s while you can hear an audible buzz at low RPM’s.

5. Based on the information stated in your Lenovo Yoga service manual, undo the screws at the bottom of the laptop to gain access to the innards. You can take the aid of a pen and a sheet of paper to mark the locations for each screw and the order in which they need to be removed.

6. In order to pop off the cover, have the hinged end of the screen/lid away from you, using a thin wedge like a used credit card or a guitar pick, lift the edge nearest to you in an upward motion and then work your way to the rear. Using your fingers and the pick to gently pry the cover off the laptop.

7. Disconnect and lift the cables connecting the cooling assembly to the motherboard for both fans.

8. Remove the screws holding down the cooling module to the board/shell. Keep these on a separate sheet of paper marking their corresponding locations.

9. Lift the cooling module upwards from the board and set it aside.

10. If you’re able to, source the fans alone from Ebay or Aliexpress but our searches have lead us to purchasing the entire cooling module. The fans could be had if someone salvaged it from a damaged/inoperable Yoga though the parts list in the service manual include the fans with the cooling module so take heed in ordering the appropriate part corresponding with the SKU of your Yoga.

11. Thermal paste and tape should come pre-applied on the cooling module. If the thermal paste didn’t come pre-applied you can use a small amount of Arctic Silver 5 or Arctic MX-4. You can apply the thermal paste with a maximum diameter of 1mm.

12. Reverse steps 9 to 5 in order to reassemble the laptop. Ensure all connections and screws are secured without any leftover screws.

13. Flip your laptop over and power up your device.

Please keep in mind that often a buzzing sound comes from the fact that the fan itself has one (or more) broken blade(s) or that it’s brushing up against the housing/chamber. The only resolution is to replace the fans entirely. According to most users, it’s a common occurrence with Yoga’s from Lenovo.

You should now be back to the original silence found on a brand new laptop.
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