How to fix a frozen Samsung Galaxy S7


If you’re like me and delight in trying out new apps or seeing what this or that setting does, a frozen phone will not be a new experience. The S7 has built in self-recovery where it reboots if it locks out or crashes. As good as this setting is, it isn’t foolproof. If you want to know how to fix a frozen Samsung Galaxy S7 when the reboot doesn’t work, read on.

Give automatic start a chance to work first. If your S7 freezes, wait a minute or so to give the software a chance to do its work. It will often just reboot and being working correctly again. If it doesn’t, try this.

Force reboot a frozen Samsung Galaxy S7
Forcing a reboot is a sure fire way to restore your S7 to fully working condition once more.

1. Hold down the power and volume down button until the phone reboots.
2. Usually this takes around 7-8 seconds but occasionally it can take longer. Just hold the buttons down until it restarts.

The screen should go black, the handset should vibrate and then reboot. If the issue was the result of a system crash rather than an app or setting, you may be presented with the recovery menu. Use the volume keys to select Normal Boot from the menu and use the power button to select it. Your phone should now start as normal.

If your phone keeps freezing, consider deleting any apps you recently installed. The default Android install is pretty good now and most phone freezes are caused by apps and not the system itself.