How to Fix It if Fire TV Interface Freezes

When you have invested so much to have a stress-free streaming experience only to have the interface refuse to respond, you want to correct that immediately. If your Fire TV interface is frozen, follow these simple steps to get it working again:

1. Troubleshoot the Remote
The first step is to find out if there could be something wrong with the remote control. The first culprit is usually the batteries. Fire TV remote works best when the batteries are new and charged to the hilt.

2. Restart the Device
Detach the power cord from the rear of the device appliance as well as from the socket, then plug it back in. Alternatively, if your remote is working well, use it to restart. Hold down on the 'Select' and 'Pause/Play' options simultaneously for up to 5 seconds. You could also go for the 'Settings' to device to 'Restart' on the Fire TV menu.


3. Check the Power Supply You Are Using
If you are not using the power supply that came with your Fire TV device, there lies your problem. Plug the power adapter into the power port which you will locate on the back of your device and the other end into the power outlet and see if that works.

4. Disconnect Device from the Hub
Should you be using an HDMI hub, detach it the Fire TV device from it and plug it directly into the TV.

What if the Screen is Blank?

If your screen is completely unresponsive, try the following:
● Ensure that the TV is on. Next, set the HMDI and Fire TV device to the same channel.
● Unplug the HMDI cable if that is what you are using, then plug it back in. If that fails, try a different cable.
● Disconnect any other devices that may be connected to the HMDI ports.
● Check if your television is attached to the correct AV if you are using that and ascertain that it is on. Do the same if your device is using a power supply. Then, see if the receiver might be off. Switch it on if it is off. Ensure it is switched to the appropriate input.
If that does not work, then try a direct connection to your Fire TV device. If all fails, you should consider getting a technician to come over and have a look at your device.