How to Fix Malfunctioning Programs on MacBook


The MacOS boasts a reliable interface. However, there are times certain apps or programs might malfunction due to not loading properly, or because of a disk error.
It is possible to fix malfunctioning apps on your MacBook. Just follow these simple steps.

1. Open ‘Force Quit Applications’ Window
When a program is malfunctioning, you can engage Force Quit to close all associated processes. Press and hold the ‘Option+Command+Esc’ keys on your keyboard. The ‘Force Quit Application’ window will appear.

2. Select 'Malfunctioning App'
Select the malfunctioning app from the list of active applications. The selected app will be highlighted.

3. Hit ‘Force Quit’
Click the ‘Force Quit’ button on the bottom of the window. A pop-up asking if you would like to ‘Force Quit’ the app will appear.
Alternatively, you can launch ‘Force Quit’ for an individual application. Find the app in the dock on your home screen and hold the ‘Option’ key as you right-click on it. The usual ‘Quit’ option turns into a ‘Force Quit’ option. Click on it to forcibly close the program.

4. Confirm ‘Force Quit’
Hit the ‘Force Quit’ button again in the confirmation message. The application will then be made to close, along with all the associated malfunctioning programs.

5. Hit ‘Restart’
After closing the app, click on the ‘Apple’ logo in the navigation panel of your Mac home screen. Select the ‘Restart’ button in the drop-down list, and confirm restart in the pop-up. Your computer will restart.

6. Clear ‘Cache’
Hold down the ‘Option+Control+P+R’ key as you hear the Apple chime. Release them after your Mac boots up again. As the computer boots, hold the ‘Shift’ button until you reach Safe mode. Log into Safe mode.

7. Hit ‘Restart’ Again
‘Restart’ your MacBook from Safe Mode by selecting the Apple icon in your home page and clicking ‘Restart’ in the pop-up again. Allow Mac to boot normally. Now, launch the program.

You will have fixed your malfunctioning program after following the above steps.