How to fix reboot issue in Android Marshmallow


The Android Marshmallow update was pretty stable all things considered, but it wasn’t entirely trouble free. Many bugs and issues were quickly addressed with updates but when users are counted in their millions, a few issues inevitably remain. One such issue is when Marshmallow devices randomly reboot. If you still need to fix the reboot issue in Android Marshmallow, read on!

The random reboots began almost as soon as many devices were upgraded to Marshmallow. In some cases it was because the device was incompatible and in others, it was the apps. Either way, it was frustrating for users.

There are three things you can do if this happens to you. You can update all your apps, clear the phone cache and try a factory reset.

Update all your apps
1. Access the Play Store on your device and select the three lines at the top left.
2. Select My apps & games and tap the green button that says Update All.
3. Once updated, reboot the phone and use it as normal.

If the device still randomly reboots, try clearing the cache.

Clearing the phone cache
1. Navigate to Settings, Apps, Internal storage, Cached data and select Clear cache.

Factory reset Android Marshmallow
Performing a factory reset is the step of last resort as it will wipe all your data and settings from the device. Make sure you have saved everything you want to save before performing this step.

1. Navigate to Settings and select Backup and reset.
2. Select Factory data reset, Reset phone, then Erase Everything.
3. The phone will reset back to its defaults. It should now be in the same condition it arrived in and should now work properly.

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