How to Fix Roku TV Connection Issues

Roku TV allows you to effortlessly stream online content from several hosting networks. But to stream flawlessly, you need a good internet connection. If the Roku TV fails to connect to the internet or has connectivity issues, you will be unable to access most of the content.
Fixing connection issues in Roku TV is not difficult. You can do it yourself by following these steps.

How to Fix Roku TV Connection by Disabling Network Pings?

1. Press Special Keys in Start Up Menu
Press the ‘Home’ button to bring up the Home menu. Then press these keys in quick succession, in this order: ‘Home button’ 5 times, ‘Fast Forward’, ‘Play’, ‘Rewind’, ‘Play’, ‘Fast Forward’. The ‘Platform Secret Screen’ will appear on your TV.
This menu can be used to access hidden network and advanced system features of your Roku device.

2. Open ‘System Operations’ Menu
Scroll up to the ‘System Operations’ menu using your Roku remote. Select it. The 'System Operation Preferences' will appear on the screen.

3. Hit the ‘Disable Network Pings’ Button
Scroll up and select the ‘Disable Network Pings’ button. Your network pings will be disabled. Now, you will be able to access the internet via your router, even if your router is giving out false pings.

How to Fix Roku TV Connection by Restarting.

1. Go to ‘Settings’
Scroll down the ‘Home’ menu and select ‘Settings’. The ‘Settings’ menu will appear on the screen.

2. Select ‘System’
Scroll down again and select the ‘System’ option. The ‘System settings’ and preferences will be displayed on the screen.

3. Hit ‘System Restart’
Use your remote to scroll to the ‘System Restart’ option, and select it. Roku will initiate the restart process. After a few minutes, the ‘Roku’ icon will be displayed, and the system will reboot. After rebooting, Roku will initiate a fresh network connection.

Follow the above steps and you will fix most of your Roku TV connection issues.
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