How to get and use an incense in Pokemon Go

An incense is an item you can use in pokemon go in order to attract pokemon to your location without having to move around. These can be very valuable and incredibly useful, as they do have a chance of spawning rare pokemon you might not otherwise see in your area.

Step 1)Get them through leveling up.
Every couple of levels you go up you can gain an incense as a reward for reaching that milestone. The specific levels these are awarded is at level 5, 7, 10, 15, 2 of them at 20, 25, 3 of them at 30, 2 of them at 35, and a whopping four of them when you hit max level at 40.


Step 2)Buy the incense at the in app pokestore using pokecoins.
If you want an incense, but you aren't close to any of the levels where you will earn one when you do level up you can also purchase these using pokecoins in the in app store. Not sure where to find pokecoins? Check out my guide on how to get them for free, located here!


Step 3)Using an incense to attract pokemon to you.
You can use this item by tapping on the pokeball at the bottom of the main screen, going into your item inventory, and tapping on the incense. Another tap on the incense will confirm you'd like to use this and deploy it. So when is the best time to use this item? Well, it lasts for 30 minutes, so if you going to be playing for the next half hour that might be a good time to use this. Also, the incense is more effective while you are moving around, if you are stationary while it is used a new pokemon will appear around you about every five minutes. If you are moving though this can happen as often as every minute, provided you aren't going over 15 KM/h. So if you are out walking around, and plan on paying attention to your phone for the next half hour of walking, that would be a great time to use it. On top of this, there have been reports of more rare pokemon appearing when you use a lure while in a rural area where you can't see any pokestops or gyms on your nearby map, and no pokemon appear in your nearby window. This could just be the case of people getting lucky while using the incense in these cases, or they could actually be on to something there. Planning on going for a walk in the country with your phone? Maybe that's the absolute best time to use one of these incenses.


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