How to get and use incubators in Pokemon Go

In order to hatch eggs in pokemon go, which can yield some pretty rare pokemon, you are going to need to put that egg in an incubator while you wander around. So where do you get these rare items?

Step 1)Level up.
As you progress in levels you can earn incubators at certain level points. These points are levels 6, 10, 15, 2 at level 20, 25, 3 at level 30, and 4 at level 40. These will be the only incubators you will get for free in the game, and they each will work to hatch only three eggs before they break. Keep in mind, each incubator you carry does count towards your inventory space as well.


Step 2)Buy them from the store.
If you are collecting coins from taking and controlling gyms, or if you spend some real life money to buy coins in game, you can purchase these incubators from the in app store. Each incubator is going to run you 150 coins, and will also be able to be used three times before they break. This is a great thing to save your coins for as inventory space and your max pokemon roster can both be micro managed to keep the number of items or pokemon you carry down.


Step 3)How to put an egg in the incubator.
There isn't much of an in game tutorial on this, so when you reach level 6 and find your first egg and incubator, how do you start to hatch the egg? Go to your pokeball icon at the bottom of the screen, and then into your pokemon roster. Once you are looking over all your pokemon, swipe to the left and you'll be at the egg screen now. Simply tap on the egg you want to hatch, and then select to start incubating it, and you'll be prompted to choose which incubator you want to put it into now.


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