How To Get Free Items In Hay Day

While playing Hay Day, you can trade in four types of currency: diamonds, coins, gift cards, and vouchers. The most coveted of these four are diamonds, while the most plentiful and easy-to-find are coins. To get free goodies in Hay Day, follow these easy steps.

Step 1: To earn diamonds, compete in global events, earn achievements, catch new fish, and level up. Even a short time spent completing tasks in the game will yield more diamonds. Diamonds are used to speed up production or to purchase items that you’re missing. If you can’t wait for natural rewards, open your mine and use TNT to find easy diamonds.

Step 2: To acquire coins, sell goods or complete boat and truck orders to earn more coins. If these options don’t yield enough coins, your alternative is to head over to the App Store to buy more coins with real money. With some luck, you’ll also find some coins in mystery boxes or while playing the Wheel of Fortune. In a pinch, pop Tom’s percent balloons to find more coins, or visit the mine.

Step 3: You need gift cards to buy mystery packages from the Catalogue. You can earn these items as a reward when helping other players.

Step 4: Vouchers can be picked up in mystery boxes or at the Wheel of Fortune, just like coins. To earn additional vouchers, you have to complete boat orders and truck orders for jewelry and bars of precious metals.

Recap: It’s easy to earn free items in Hay Day if you put in the time and effort. Just follow the steps above to get started. Help your friends out, pop balloons, open mystery boxes, and find yourself much richer than before.