How to Get Heroes in Castle Clash

Rubina Hussain

Oct 17, 2014
Castle Clash is a fantasy-based strategy game. You build and upgrade your fortress, raise an army, fight against monsters, bosses, and other players, explore dungeons, and much more. Aside from your regular army, there are special units called Heroes that are vital to continued gameplay. If you want to know the ways in which you can get Heroes, just follow these simple steps:

1. Opening the game- Tap the Castle Clash icon on your mobile device to load the game.

2. Four ways- There are four ways in which you can acquire Heroes, three of which are done in a gambling style. Now we take a closer look at each. First, you need to have a Heroes Altar built in your city. Then, tap the Heroes Altar and tap Enter. There are 3 options: Hire with Gems, Hire with HB, and hire with Shards

3. Honor Badges- You get so many Honor Badges every hour based on your rankings in the arena. You can also win some in Raids, Dungeons, and as a Daily Reward.

4. Gems- Gems are of course the premium currency in the game. If you gamble with Gems, your likelihood of getting better Heroes is increased while your chance of receiving common heroes is drastically decreased.

5. Hero Cards- You can get Hero Cards in the Warehouse with Merits. More Merits can be obtained in Team Dungeons and from Hero Expeditions.

6. Shards- Shards are randomly rewarded from regular Dungeons and are used to purchase specific Heroes.
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