How to Get Three Stars in Angry Birds

In playing Angry Birds, one of the fundamental elements that is prevalent in the entire series of games is stars. The stars are used as part of a ranking system. Players can earn stars in each level. One is earned for the completion of a level, for example. Here is how you can obtain three stars while playing Angry Birds.

Step 1
Launch the birds from the slingshot and destroy pigs and blocks.

Step 2
Eliminating all of the pigs will get you a certain number of points. Stars are based on points. The exact number of points and how they relate to acquiring stars can vary. You also receive a 10,000 point bonus for all of the birds that you did not use to destroy the pigs.

Step 3
Clearing a level will earn you one star. You can receive up to two more stars depending upon the point total that you have at the end of a level.

Your best strategy is to score as many points as possible in each level. Since the number of points associated with acquiring stars varies by level, players should attempt to score as high as possible when clearing a level.

You may have to experiment with the different levels to see how many points it takes to earn three stars. You can also try different shots. There may be a shot that produces some unique results that can help you achieve the three stars. Keep in mind that on some levels just destroying pigs is simply not enough to earn three stars.