How to Get Verizon Car Charger to Work after an Android Update

Some have faced issues with Verizon car chargers after updating to the latest version of Android. You want your car charger to work, so we came up with some tips that you can use to try to solve the problem.

Here’s how to get Verizon Car Charger to Work after Android Update.

1. Restart your phone - it is the easiest solution to the problem, but it doesn't always work. Turning a device off and on again is always a good tip, so try this first.

2. Turn it off, then charge it - switch off the phone and then plug it to the charger. It is one of the best ways to avoid this issue. After completing a charge you should switch on the phone again normally.
3. Reset to factory settings - if those methods doesn't work, this one's a little more drastic. Keep a backup of your important data as this process will erase it.
To do this go to settings then navigate to ‘Backup & restore’ then tap on Factory data settings. A pop up will come up in the screen. You should click OK.

4. Try a Hard reset - if the previous methods doesn't work then you should try a hard reset. Again, you should backup all of your data before doing it. To do a hard reset you have to enter into Recovery mode on your Android phone. The process to enter recovery mode differs depending on your device. Search for the method for your phone model on the web.
After going into recovery mode you should select factory reset.

5. Wait for the next update - if those tips don't work out then unfortunately you should wait for the next update. Google will likely fix this issue in the next update of their OS.
6. Downgrade to the previous version of Android OS - if you can't wait. Then you can downgrade to the previous version of Android OS manually.