How To Get wLAN Drivers For Your Dell Laptop

Back when laptops were a thing of luxury they were only equipped with an Ethernet port or a modem connector for a dial up connection. With advancements in technology allowed a laptop to carry with it a true definition of a mobile computing device tag with the introduction of wireless interlinking modules within it's architecture. WiFi allows users to connect to an available network regardless of the distance between the access point and the computing device. It's good practice to make sure your wireless adapter's drivers are up to date whether the OS has assigned generic drivers or if the older ones are yet functioning to maintain optimal performance. This tutorial will show you how to source drivers for your Wireless LAN adapter meant for your Dell laptop.

    ■In you web browsers address bar type and tap Enter.

    ■On the lower navigation bar you can either click on Support or on the hover-able drop down menu click Support by Product.

    ■Click on the View different product.

    ■In the new window click on View Products in the lower left hand corner.

    or you can type in your service tag/Product ID.

    ■Click on Laptops.

    ■Click on the Laptop series that corresponds to your model.

    ■For the sake of this tutorial, we'll be locating wireless drivers for a Dell XPS15Z-L511Z.

    ■Click on Drivers & downloads on the left pane.

    ■Be sure to select the correct OS off which the laptop is running on. If you need to change the OS version click on Change OS and select the appropriate platform.

    ■Scroll down to the list of drivers shown in the right pane.

    ■Click on Network to expand the options available.

    It's been previously determined that the wireless adapter onboard the Dell XPS15Z is an Intel Centrino 6230. You should go with the latest driver revision that corresponds with your hardware. You can look at the revision version in case the release/last updated date seems confusing.

    ■Once you've determined the revision you'd like to source, click on download at the lower left hand corner.

    ■Save the file onto a desired destination.

    ■Locate the driver and run in an elevated command, i.e; Right click installer>Run as Administrator.

    ■Continue clicking on Next.

    ■At the end of installation, click on Finish to close the installer window.

    You have now successfully downloaded and installed wireless drivers for your Dell laptop.