How to Group Chat with WhatsApp


Oct 16, 2014
WhatsApp has a group chat feature which allows you to to either send the same message to multiple contacts without typing it again and again, and have conversation with a group of friends. If you are new to WhatsApp and wondering how to use this feature, this step-by-step guide to group chat with WhatsApp is for you.

1. Tap the WhatsApp icon on your phone. Then, on the WhatsApp main page, tap the menu button of your phone to access the menu.

2. The menu box will appear at the bottom of your screen. Tap "New Group" to create your group.

3. After that, type the name you want for your group and tap "Next" to confirm.

4. On the next page, add people to the group by either typing their name on the box or tapping the plus sign to access your contact list, which is much easier. On your contact list, tick the box beside the name of each contact you want to include in the group. Then, tap "Done" to confirm.

5. Double-check the names if you have forgotten to include someone; then, tap "Create." To start chatting, just tap your group icon.

6. For easier access, you can create a shortcut for your group on your home screen. To do this, tap the group icon and hold it until a pop-up window appears. Then, tap "Add Conversation Shortcut." You can also find more options on that pop-up window, like leaving the group if you want and others.


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