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  1. J

    Solved! remove Google's "Tap to Speak" half screen, which replaced keyboard entering for Message texting?

    Can't use phone keyboard when "Tap to Speak" takes over my messaging on Android 8 phone Previously, I always used keyboard and do not wish to use Google's Tap to Speak
  2. T

    Solved! Phone messaging fix?

    To be able to buy things with my paypal, I have to link my phone to it and type in a number that paypal texts my phone. Unfortunately, my phone screen is cracked in the bottom right hand corner so I cant complete the fourth digit of my PIN number access my phone. I can, however, see a...
  3. W

    Solved! Private video chat apps for free

    A fried and i use facebook messager for messaging and video chat, I use an android tablet and he uses an Apple Ipad. With all the privacy issues that are coming out about fb messenger, we're looking for a private message and video calling app. One that is seriously private, unlike fb messaging...
  4. L

    Alexa message notifications not popping up

    How do I get my iPhone Xs to notify me when Alexa sends me a message? I cannot figure this out! I feel like I've gone in and allowed every notification possible.
  5. J

    Verizon to cricket data works phone and mess doesbnot

    Yes I've got a Verizon phone that I unlocked. Can I use it to Cricket and worked fine for a couple weeks I did a factory reset now the data works but the phone and messaging won't can anyone please help
  6. H

    Using Encrypted messaging platforms with free vpns

    Hi, Though we cant say absolutely that nothing is flawless but is using telegram and similiar apps more safer with vpns(free or paid) or using them directly without vpns. If my country has blocked a messaging platform should i still go for it or try alternatives?
  7. C

    Solved! Switching messages apps...keep getting old notifications

    I just switched from what I guess is Andriod Messages app to the Verizon Messages + app....and it keeps giving me notification about messages from months ago! And I feel it's not going to stop! How to I turn this off, if possible? Thanks! I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I switched apps...
  8. M

    Someone messaging me how to stop that messages

    Someone messaging me how to stop that messages
  9. B

    Hacked I think

    My wife phone and my phone show that they are messaging each other but we are not messaging each other. Every now and then my wife says that she sees a message pop u on her screen and then disappears. We have cancelled Facebook and all security doesn’t show any faults and our phones are not...
  10. Paul Wagenseil

    Not Good: Samsung Phones Texting Photos to Random People

    Multiple reports say Samsung phones using T-Mobile as the carrier have been spontaneously sending texts and photos to other users. Not Good: Samsung Phones Texting Photos to Random People : Read more
  11. G

    Android Users Can Now Text From Their PCs and Macs

    iMessage has some competition. Now, Android users can text from their computers as well. Android Users Can Now Text From Their PCs and Macs : Read more
  12. B

    GBoard - how do you change size of font in the text messages

    GBoard for messaging. I can change font size of keyboard, which isn't the problem. How do you change the size of the font in text messages? In the phone's messaging app you could change that with the volumn button, but not with GBoard.
  13. V

    some anonymous send a messages on my whatsapp how can i know who messaged me and from where?

    one man sending me a harassing messages on my whatsapp number used through the internet number how can i know who is he and from where he is messaging?
  14. henrytcasey

    Google Just Reinvented SMS with Chat: 7 Things You Need to Know

    Google's big plan to compete with Apple's iMessage on Android is Chat, a technology coming to Android Messages this year. Google Just Reinvented SMS with Chat: 7 Things You Need to Know : Read more
  15. B

    Problem with text messaging

    Hi I've been having this problem since I bought this phone and I want to fix it without having to take it to a tech I have a Samsung C7 smartphone and I'm having a big trouble in text messaging Every time I receive a text message, my phone automatically restarts, in extremely rare cases it...
  16. M

    instagram direct message source code

    is there a way to get the source code for direct messages on instagram? hopefully this isn't a weird or bad question to ask.
  17. C

    messaging 0.3 version

    How to uninstall messaging 0.3 app from a ZTE zfive 2lte phone.
  18. henrytcasey

    What Is RCS? Google Gives Brands New Way To Text You

    A new format of messaging will allow brands to send more vibrant communications to customers, but its roll-out will be staggered. What Is RCS? Google Gives Brands New Way To Text You : Read more
  19. henrytcasey

    What is Google Reply (and How It Works)

    Google Reply is a new feature that allows users to quickly respond to messages, directly from notifications. What is Google Reply (and How It Works) : Read more
  20. A

    Message preview lockscreen

    I want to send a text to someone with an iphone without them being able to see the full message on their lockscreen? Is there anyway that I can send a text message to someone with an iPhone without them having a complete preview of the message- even if they have their lock screen notifications...
  21. I

    my asus zen phone has hanged , I am unable to switch it off.What to do?

    my zen phone asus has hanged after talking and messaging .please help. Removed by Moderator
  22. D

    How do I record the person I am on messager with

    How do I record the person that I am messaging with, without them knowing, I believe I am being done that way
  23. B

    I'm getting unwanted text from someone using free texting sites, how can I prevent this or find out who it is? Thx

    Someone is pestering me to death sending me unwanted text from different free text messaging private sites, can someone please help me stop this? Thanks
  24. J

    What Messaging App Is This?

    The black and white boxes are blanking out the texts.
  25. 1

    Online status on Viber changed for no reason

    today, we are using Viber messaging starting at 5:02 AM, we also had a video call at 6:26 AM (1 minute, got disconnected because of poor signal) and at 7:39 AM (37 minutes). Afterwards, the Online status shows "Online today at 8:24 AM" which makes sense, knowing that there is a normal delay in...
  26. S

    Note 3 Message Help

    I recently factory reseted my Note 3 and set it up and something weird happens in my messaging app. So When i go to the default app i select recipients to start an individual chat so i send a message they recieve it and they they send the second message i recieve it but when i send the third one...
  27. B

    I have a galaxy tab s2 with a simcard. It's asking for phone number to access messaging. Where c

    Can't phone a friend to get number. Can I find it on the tablet?
  28. Mudit Rawat 07

    Facebook Cross-Domain Messaging Helper page pops up on Chrome as soon as I start my PC.

    Hi! So I recently installed a fresh copy of windows 7 on my PC, and ever since the installation, as soon as windows loads, Chrome starts up with 3 windows, 2 saying Facebook Cross-Domain Messaging Helper with the page saying "Security Warning: Treat this url as you would your password, don't...
  29. E

    Looking for the messaging

    I'm trying to find out how to get to the messaging site on my tablet like the one that's on my "LG" phone?
  30. henrytcasey

    WhatsApp Adds Document Sharing to iOS and Android Apps

    WhatsApp users can now send PDF files through the app, which already offered options for sharing photos and audio. WhatsApp Adds Document Sharing to iOS and Android Apps : Read more
  31. R

    how do I get my text messages from my alcatel safelink phone to my windows 7 pc

    PLEASE HELP I have an ALCATEL A250G phone, it is very important that I get all my text messages and voice from this phone to my pc. Have some messages that were sent to me that I need to get to the proper authorities with dates, time, and phone number as they appear on the device that they were...
  32. L

    MMS Messages Android to iPhone Not Working

    I only just got an HTC One M9 for Christmas, and I made the transition from Apple to Android very well except for this one annoying hiccup. I cannot contact anyone via SMS or MMS who is using an iPhone. I am still using the same number I used with my old iPhone and I believe this is all iMessage...
  33. B

    gmail messaging for hangouts wont send

    hey quickly answer i was having some trouble with gmail hangouts failing to send a message to some person i know please help! :) please people i see so far 33 reads please if u know the answer please answer me i really want an answer :)
  34. J

    Text Messaging Icon Missing

    Hi, need help please. I am using a HTC One. I don't see a text message icon. I can read messages when one comes in but when I closed it, I don't know where to find it. I need to go to my phone book and choose the name of the one I am texting before I can send a message. Any app I can use? I...
  35. W

    Is it not possible to rename a group chat if even one member is not on ios?

    All the tutorials I've read, including the one here, make it sound like you can give any group chat a name. It seems, though none of them mention it, that this only works if every member of the group is using an ios device. Is that your understanding?
  36. I

    Editing text messaging downloads

    how can you Editing text messaging downloads to your pc
  37. P

    Is it possible to send message from email account to someones facebook acconut?

    Can I send message from my hotmail account to someones facebook account if I haven't his email adress?
  38. Jill Scharr

    British Prime Minister Wants to Ban Secure Messaging

    The British Prime Minster wants to ban any encryption that can't be accessed by the country's security agencies. British Prime Minister Wants to Ban Secure Messaging : Read more
  39. B

    Why are Texts blocked?

    Text messaging not working on iPhone 5s. I can type one in but it does not go to addressee. Also when someone texts me, they get a "blocked" message of some sort. I recently had my account hacked- numerous calls to Cuba and had to go through vzw to re initiate my account (they had suspended due...
  40. R

    How to Text Chat in Snapchat

    Snapchat is a text messaging app that allows users to text, send pictures and videos, and more. One of the most appealing things about Snapchat is the fact that pictures disappear after being opened and viewed. For new users that do not yet know how to text chat in Snapchat, simply follow these...
  41. R

    How to Video Chat in Snapchat

    Snapchat is a popular messaging app. What really brought people into Snapchat was the fact that photos or “snaps” taken are erased within just a few seconds after being viewed. Users can send pictures, text, edit and draw on pictures, and even take short videos to send to their friends. To learn...
  42. R

    How to View Snapchat Snaps

    Snapchat is a very popular messaging app with photos. What made this messaging app different is that photos were erased a matter of seconds after the recipients viewed them. Photos sent and received are called snaps, and to learn how to view them, just follow these simple instructions. 1...
  43. G

    How to Add Friends on WhatsApp

    With the influx of messaging apps in various platforms, keeping in touch with family and friends has never been much easier. However, there are instances where you cannot find a certain friend you've been looking for. Each messaging app has their own features how to search and add friends to...
  44. G

    How to Group Chat with WhatsApp

    WhatsApp has a group chat feature which allows you to to either send the same message to multiple contacts without typing it again and again, and have conversation with a group of friends. If you are new to WhatsApp and wondering how to use this feature, this step-by-step guide to group chat...
  45. G

    How to Send Texts With WhatsApp

    WhatsApp is a mobile messaging app. It allows users to send text messages as well as photos, videos, and voice messages. Unlike other apps, however, WhatsApp doesn't support VoIP calls. Despite this limitation, WhatsApp has millions of users. If you are new to WhatsApp, here is how you send...
  46. G

    How to Change Your Display Name on Kik

    Changing your name on your Kik allows you to maintain a certain amount of anonymity on the service (or just make up fun names). Here's a simple guide how to change your display name on Kik: 1. Tap the Kik icon on your phone to access your Kik account. On the main page, tap the "Settings" icon...
  47. G

    How to Get Stickers on Kik

    Smilies and emoticons are great, but stickers are another way to make your messages interesting and fun. Each messaging app has their own exclusive set of stickers which are either free or paid. If you are a Kik user or just recently downloaded the app and have no idea where the stickers are...
  48. G

    How to Get Themed Smilies on Kik

    One of the features in all messaging apps are smileys or emoticons. These cute faces not only make your messages more interesting, but you can show your emotions through them. If it's your first time to use the app and don't know how to get more smileys, here is a simple how-to guide to get...
  49. 6

    Travel messaging and phoning

    When abroad can hotel wifi serve to send and receive texts messages and phone calls? I know about roaming charges and the airplane mode. I also know that I can use email; my question is about the phone.
  50. A

    Asus Zenfone 5 got hang while messaging..

    My asus zenfone 5, 3 weeks old got stuck while i was texting.. i can neither switch it off or go to any other options..if it was some other phone, cud've taken out battery and reset it.. somebody pls help me.. :(
  51. tomsguideUS

    How to Download WhatsApp for Windows

    WhatsApp is a wildly popular messaging application Cross platform free messaging is, quite frankly, a great part of the internet revolution, and there are diehard texters out there that consider WhatsApp a spiritual home – and some people just kind of like it. Of course you have WhatsApp on...
  52. tomsguideUS

    Using an Android Smartphone, How to View the Facebook Messages Sent by Unknown Users

    Receiving messages on Facebook is simple if the senders of the messages are already added to your friend list. If a Facebook user who is not added in your friend lists sends you a message, you might have a hard time finding it. Normally all the inbox messages sent by your Facebook friends are...
  53. tomsguideUS

    How to Setup Facebook 2-Step Verification Using an Android Smartphone

    If you have registered your mobile number with Facebook and have enabled the text messaging feature for your profile as well, you can easily enable the two-step verification on your Facebook account. When the two-step verification is enabled, every time you try to use a new device to log on to...
  54. viveknayyar007

    How to Delete Text Message Threads in iOS 11

    Even though it’s recommended to keep all your text messages as a record especially when your cell number is used for official purposes, some message threads might be useless and take unnecessary space on your phone. If you want, you can delete such unwanted messages from your iPhone to free up...
  55. F

    read text messaging

    how to read text so workers don't know your reading there text on my phone
  56. viveknayyar007

    How to Group Message With Facebook Messenger

    With group messaging, you can converse with more than one person in a single Facebook chat box. Previously, group messaging feature was available only when Facebook was used on a PC. With a few improvements, now you can create and/or converse in a chat group even if you are using the Facebook...
  57. Y

    I recieve messages, but they are earlier in time.

    So, I recently purchased a Galaxy S5, and I've just recently figured out the iMessage bull. I've stumbled upon another problem. I receive messages, but the message that I receive at the same time I send one, is earlier in time. For instance, I text my mom at 3:30PM she texts back 2 minutes...
  58. P

    iPhone is freezing up after last update

    What's up everyone! So I updated my iPhone when iOS 7.1.2 came out and ever since I have been having issues ever since with my phone freezing for about 30 seconds to a minute, mostly when I am text messaging. Also, it is guaranteed to happen when ever I try to zoom in and try to choose my text...
  59. M

    Text messages come in exactly 15 minutes late Sprint GS4

    I use the text messaging app textra and as of lately (few days), I receive many of my text messages exactly 15 minutes after my friends send them. I'm using the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Sprint. I tried turning my phone off and then on AND updating the PRL and profile, but none of them works.
  60. G Messenger to Leave No Data Behind is designed to be an anonymous, encrypted messaging platform for journalists and sources looking to communicate securely. Messenger to Leave No Data Behind : Read more