I recieve messages, but they are earlier in time.

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Jul 25, 2013
So, I recently purchased a Galaxy S5, and I've just recently figured out the iMessage bull. I've stumbled upon another problem. I receive messages, but the message that I receive at the same time I send one, is earlier in time. For instance, I text my mom at 3:30PM she texts back 2 minutes later, but my phone is saying it got to me at 1:32PM, therefor putting it before all of my messages... Resulting in me having to scroll up to read new messages from her, or anyone I believe, and my messages being at the bottom.

I have AT&T if that helps, I honestly think it's something to do with time zones, even though I have the right time zone set on my phone.

Thank you so very much if you can help, you'll be saving me a lot of time talking to idiots on the phone.
Not open for further replies.