Jul 11, 2014
I only just got an HTC One M9 for Christmas, and I made the transition from Apple to Android very well except for this one annoying hiccup. I cannot contact anyone via SMS or MMS who is using an iPhone. I am still using the same number I used with my old iPhone and I believe this is all iMessage associated. My mother who has the same phone (HTC One M9) is also having this problem. We know its Android to iPhone as our phones send messages next to instantly to each other, including MMS messages. We're Australian so our provider is Telstra and Virgin Mobile (I'm with Virgin). My Android version is 5.1. Would anyone please let us know how to fix this? Any help would be much appreciated!


Hello thare!

The problem may comes from your mobile operator. Every phone got automatic settings for SMS/MMS income/outcome. Contact then and ask them to send you new settings for SMS/MMS ( or WAP settings if your phone dont't have internet).