Question Struggle with SMS/MMS exchange on family with mixed iPhone/Android units, Is it real ??!!(in 2020!!!)


May 14, 2009
I just found that this is real situation in 2020 that SMS from iMessage won't be delivered to Android (any SMS application). For my familia I was able to fix this by disabling iMessages on their iPhones (6S,8).
Fortunately like after this they all fine with their other iphone contacts.

But the fact is that if somebody wants to sent me SMS/MMS from iPhone via iMessages this will FAIL!!! Sender could be with any carrier and I won't get anything... Not sure if sender will see any difference on their side. And I can not tell somebody to make changes in his iphone.

I was stunned to learn this, is this a real ???? in 2020? I used TMobile, now MintSim for my family. But I don't think it's matters what carrier or what submodel unit you use, in my case I use Samsung S7 (SM-930T by TMobile unlocked).

Should all Iphone users consider this fact if they plan to send SMS to Android?? How crazy is it ? I will be happy to learn that I'm not right.

I learned about couple "simple" solution like buy a Mac and set up some kind of relay server, I don't want to do this.

Thanks again all for your thoughts.
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