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    Question Struggle with SMS/MMS exchange on family with mixed iPhone/Android units, Is it real ??!!(in 2020!!!)

    Hi, I just found that this is real situation in 2020 that SMS from iMessage won't be delivered to Android (any SMS application). For my familia I was able to fix this by disabling iMessages on their iPhones (6S,8). Fortunately like after this they all fine with their other iphone contacts...
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    i want my number incoming call and sms details of 2 months

    my important incoming call number and sms delete, my cell phone destroy in water
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    MMS Messages Android to iPhone Not Working

    I only just got an HTC One M9 for Christmas, and I made the transition from Apple to Android very well except for this one annoying hiccup. I cannot contact anyone via SMS or MMS who is using an iPhone. I am still using the same number I used with my old iPhone and I believe this is all iMessage...