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    Virgin Galactic All Set to Reach Space in a Matter of Days

    After years of testing, the next stage will hopefully take the SpaceShip Two over the space boundary. Virgin Galactic All Set to Reach Space in a Matter of Days : Read more
  2. M

    my sim card wont fit in my new blu phone for virgin moble how i get it cha?nged over

    my sim card wont fit in my new blu phone for virgin moble how I get it to change over?
  3. C

    I have a ZTE N817 cel phone through Assurance and Virgin Mobile as Lifeline plan. It won't start up. Holding the volume up a

    ZTE N817 system files corrupted. Which system files do I edit and how?
  4. M

    my j7 prime was unlocked but i cant use anther sim card provider

    i have a j7 that is locked with virgin mobile US. I cant use it on the philippines even i had it unlocke i cant use another sim card provider
  5. W

    Get Netflix on Virgin Media

    Netflix is available on most set-top boxes with the proper support. The Virgin TV box is one of those set-top products, and it has many apps that go through a small setup process. Owners that want to get the best out of their Virgin TV box can follow this Netflix guide that only requires you to...
  6. D

    I plan To but the Blu advance 5.2 débloqué et jaimerais savoir si c'est compatible avec Virgin.

    Is Blu Advance 5,2 cell compatible with Virgin? Thank so much. It is 5,2, 8gb cell Phone.
  7. C

    Disparity in speed between laptop, ipad and iphone

    I just recently had Virgin Media 200MB Super Fast Fibre installed. The engineer who installed tested download speed with speedtest on his iphone and it was showing 195-200Mbps. I have tested using same site/app on my iPad and its showing 130Mbps. When I test with my laptop I'm getting 50-60...
  8. C

    Hi i have a projetor es520 optomo is it possivble to conect my v6 virgin box to project as there is only s video or vga or the

    Help setinv my v6box to an optomo es520 projector as i cant get no picture thrughout the projector
  9. J

    tracfone w/ VirginMobile prepaid?

    can I use tracfone minutes on my Virgin Mobile prepaid phone? If so, how?
  10. S

    hdmi to coax adapter?

    New Virgin box only has hdmi output but signal to kitchen tv is cabled through an old vcr that only has scart or coax. I need a way to attach new tv box to old vcr. Don't really want to flaff about running new hdmi cable under floorboards even if the hdmi splitter I've ordered works. I'm also...
  11. B

    How to connect Panasonic SA BT- 100 to my Samsung UE40JU7000 TV Virgin tivo box to be included

    How to connect Panasonic SA BT- 100 to my Samsung UE40JU7000 TV Virgin tivo box to be included
  12. R

    New TV Choice

    Hi I am looking to buy a new TV to be used with my xbox s and general website streaming / virgin box. I have been looking at the following, Panasonic 50EX700 or 58EX700 but am not sure if its worth going for the more expensive Panasonic 50EX750B. What are the main notable/ noticeable...
  13. GHolnyuk

    Virgin Mobile will no longer sell Android phones favor of the iPhone Boo! Eventhough Virgin isnt big, it's pretty cheap. I bought a J3 for $80 and am happy with it. Will be switching to Verizon I guess then.
  14. T

    Connecting virgin v6 to lg oled, lg sound base and lg 3D Blu ray player

    How do I connect these above devices?
  15. I

    Unlock virgin mobile phones

    Wabt to unlock my mobile phone so i can use it with any service
  16. G

    Shutting Settings Off

    I have to return phone and Virgin have said "some phones come with extra security like "find my iPhone & Reactivation lock" and these settings have to be turned off b4 sending back to virgin. How do I do this, I thought could just put back to factory setting??? Can u help
  17. T

    Unlocked phones on Virgin Mobile

    I am looking to buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 from groupon and it says it is GSM Unlocked, would this work on my current virgin mobile plan, thanks!
  18. C

    Retrive old messages or numbers

    How do i look up my call log its virgin mobile model lg
  19. B

    Surround Sound Setup Help

    I have a Panasonic SA-HT545 connected to my TV through scart, this works fine on the TV source with the freeview channels. I also now have the new Virgin V6 box connected through HDMI, when I switch from the TV source to this HDMI source the sound comes out of the surround sound for a second or...
  20. G

    Very strange Samsung Galaxy S7 problem

    Desperate for a solution so here's my issue. Brand new S7 edge on Virgin Mobile Canada. Phone works flawlessly except when I place a call to a landline that busy. When I call a landline with no call waiting and someone is on the phone I should get a busy signal but do not. I get one tone of...
  21. M

    does any one know how to contact sprint by email ?

    I bought Samsung J7 (2016) from America and I didn't know that is locked for Sprint or Virgin Mobile, I don't know but the SIM card is for Sprint and the Package is for Virgin Mobile, So anyone know which corporate I should contact to unlock this mobile Is it Virgin Mobile or Sprint ? and The...
  22. S

    Have got sound through my stereo speakers from Itv hd from virgin cable box but why can't I get sound from any of the other h

    Why can't I get the sound through my stereo speakers for any HD channel except ITV ? ? I figure it's all wired up right as this is only problem I'm getting. It works perfectly for ITV HD (through Virgin cable box) & through my blu ray so am dumbfounded. Sand
  23. R

    to unlock a HTC smartphone through Virgin mobile

    Contacted Virgin mobile and they couldn't inform me on unlocking my HTC smartphone to be used on a family plan on the T-Mobile network
  24. K

    If I use my virgin mobile SIM card n a boost mobile phone will it work?

    I'm wondering if my virgin mobile SIM card will work on a boost mobile phone
  25. L

    MMS Messages Android to iPhone Not Working

    I only just got an HTC One M9 for Christmas, and I made the transition from Apple to Android very well except for this one annoying hiccup. I cannot contact anyone via SMS or MMS who is using an iPhone. I am still using the same number I used with my old iPhone and I believe this is all iMessage...
  26. F

    Unlocked phones and virgin mobile

    Ok so I heard that unlocked phones are phones that you put your old phone sim's card in it so you keep the old phone's plan right? So I was wondering where can I find phones that will work when I put my virgin mobile sim card in? I dont know much about that stuff. Thanks
  27. D

    what apps should i remove from lg optomus 720 virgin

    Just rooted my old lg optomus 720 vm i want to use it mostly as a alais on the net. Or going places i dont want any one to know who i am. Nothing ileagle just want to explore privatly.
  28. J

    what virgin mobil phones are compatible with verizon

    I really like my virgin mobil phone but my service provider is verizon i woukd like to use my virgin mobil phone Does anyone know if they ate compatible
  29. S

    Can I use my AT&T iPhone with Virgin Mobile?

    I have an At&t iPhone 5s and want to switch to Virgin mobile. Can I keep my phone and use it with virgin?
  30. N

    can i transfer my virgin mobile account to a verizon phone

    I want to change phones but I have a Samsung refurb from virgin mobile and I want to use a phone from Verizon.
  31. S

    how do I get into a Samsung virgin mobile phone without resetting the phone when I don't have a Google account

    How do I get into a Samsung Virgin Mobile phone without resetting the phone and I don't have a Google account
  32. A

    did virgin use my roof aerial to run a cable to my modem

    Did virgin run the co-axial cable to my modem using my roof aerial fitting by splitting the signal, because that's what it looks like to me?
  33. C

    Building my first pc

    Hi guys first things first im new to this so go easy on me. Im thinking about building my first gaming computer. I have done some research myself but have been advised to ask on here to see what you guys think of the rig i am going to compose: Case- Zalman z9-u3 Power- xfx 750 Hard drive-...
  34. M

    Need tto transfer appox.,2000 text messages from my virgin moblie phones first is a Rize and other is a ZTE model need to do i

    Need tto transfer appox.,2000 text messages from my virgin moblie phones first is a Rize and other is a ZTE model need to do in bulk and fast . PLEASE help.
  35. DarkDubzs

    What things to look out for when buying used phones?

    Im looking to buy a GS5 soon off craigslist. Ive had good experiences with buying from people on CL and I'm not really worried about being scammed or anything, but I just want to make sure what to look for, research, or ask about when buying the phone. Its easy to see whats wrong or damaged...
  36. S

    CDMA on boost network ... to virginmobile??

    Programing will I have to root PHN first?? Got moto g from friend on boost... Can I swap my virgin number over to my CDMA moto g ?? Do I have to root first?? Will it allow me to change service with the ESN already tied to boost mobile
  37. S

    Can you change an iPhone 4 from a Verizon plan into a Virgin Mobile plan

    I bought an iPhone from my friend that used to be on a Verizon plan and I just wanted to know if I can change it into a Virgin Mobile plan
  38. A

    how to hook up sony tv sony blu ray sony 260h and a virgin box

    hi can any one help i have a sony bravia tv sony blu ray player a sony 260h sound bar and a virgin box problem is got tv working but when i put blu ray player on no sound ? cheers
  39. C

    how do I change esn number for virgin mobile

    How do I change esn number for my virgin mobile phone kyocera hydro
  40. Xellvar

    Contracted Verizon phone, to Pre-Paid service.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note II (SCH-I605; Verizon) I hate Verizon, they've jipped me of so much money...I've heard you can just buy a SIM card from; Straight-Talk, Virgin-Mobile, etc. I was wondering can I cancel my plan with Verizon, and move over to...Either Virgin-Mobile or Straight-Talk? I...
  41. G

    Newbie On Board - Suggestion Needed

    My son gave me his old HTC Evo V and I have been enjoying it through Virgin, which is affordable. I would now like to get another phone, as the battery life on this phone is less than a day (I bought new batteries and have turned off everything I can think of that might be draining the battery)...
  42. A

    make a virgin mobile phone work after reported lost

    I bought a Motarola Triumph off ebay and its a nice phone but when I called to activate it I found out its been reported lost or stolen. is there anyway I can do it or switch over the guts from my Kyocera event to the motarola.
  43. A

    Blu ray audio vanished now Virgin Media installed. Worked when engineer worked. Using HDMI1 as source and also tried BS

  44. D

    Activating a Virgin Mobile Phone on Verizon

    My dad bought a used virgin mobile-brand Samsung Galaxy S2 cellphone, but his cellphone provider is Verizon. Would he be able to switch from his current phone to the Samsung Galaxy S2 while still staying with Verizon?
  45. T

    Hi I have a Samsung Montage (Virgin Mobile) was wondering how to copy texts from my cell phone to my computer, someone said I

    Copying text from phone to computer
  46. J

    iOS 7 issue

    I have updated my iphone 5 to ios 7, but my mobile internet is not working properly.
  47. J

    free information on retrieving deleted text messaged

    How so I recover deleted txt msg from my virgin mobile phone....
  48. A


    I have failed to find any way to instal software AND MY VIRGIN WIFI on my new used laptop. Does anyone know of any free wifi driver and other stuff please? Many thanks, Artbeats