How to install alternative keyboards in Android Marshmallow


The stock Android keyboard is pretty good but can be frustrating if you type fast or have large fingers. Spellchecker is also pretty good but it isn’t exactly a seamless experience. The good thing about Android is that if you’re not happy with how something works, you can change it. The keyboard is one such thing you can change. Here’s how to install alternative keyboards in Android Marshmallow.

Choose your keyboard
The Play Store has hundreds of third party keyboard that are compatible with Android Marshmallow. Not all are created equal so it’s worth spending a little time going through them and checking out the most popular, or those with the best reviews. Shortlist a couple you like the look of,. Bear in mind that some are free and some are not.

1. Access the Play Store from your Android phone.
2. Install your keyboard(s) of choice. Some keyboard apps will prompt you to enable it during installation, others will not.
3. Access the Settings menu, select Languages and keyboard and then select Current keyboard if you were not prompted.
4. Select the new keyboard from the list and set it as default.

Some keyboard apps have a few extra steps they require to configure things how you like them. Others will not.

Once installed, test out your new alternative keyboards and settle on the one you feel most comfortable with. Many of the better apps will allow you to tweak the layout, options, enable emoji and other good stuff. Make sure to have a look around to see what’s possible with yours.

An important note about security: Some keyboard apps analyze what you type in order to learn how you use the keyboard and to improve how it auto-corrects. This could include usernames and passwords. Check the permissions carefully before enabling alternative keyboards to run on your phone.

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