How to Install Apps On MacBook Pro

Unlike pre-macOS Sierra versions, you can now only install apps on your MacBook Pro (running macOS High Sierra at the time of this writing) from the App Store. This not only maintains the integrity and security of your Mac, it also makes the entire installation process quick and hassle-free.

Installing apps on your Mac is simple. Here’s how:
    Open the app’s window
    Launch App Store from the Dock, click your preferred window from the top (Top Charts for this example), and click your preferred app’s icon either from the Top Paid or Top Free section (MKPlayer – Media Player from Top Free for this example). This opens the app’s window. From here you can read the details about the app and initiate the installation process.

    Install the app
    Click Get, click Install App, enter your Apple ID and password in the Apple ID and Password fields in the Sign in to download from the App Store box respectively, click Sign In, enter the same credentials one more time in the Sign-In Required box, and click Get. Optionally, click Yes on the Save Password for Free Items box, or click Always Require or Require After 15 Minutes on the Require a password when making purchases on this computer box (if either or both of them pop up). This authenticates your Apple ID credentials (Apple ID and password), and installs the app on your Mac. Entering your Apple ID and password in the first sign-in box authenticates you to download apps from App Store, whereas the second box lets you obtain and install the app you selected.

    Launch the app (from App Store)
    Click Open once the installation completes. This launches the app. Depending on the program type, you may be prompted to go through the initial steps before you can begin using it.

    Launch the app (from Launchpad)

Close App Store if it’s already open, click the Launchpad icon from the Dock, and click the app’s icon from the Launchpad window (MKPlayer – Media Player for this example). This launches the app. As mentioned earlier, depending on the type of app and the functions it is capable of performing, you may require to go through the primary steps before you can start using it.

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