How to Invite Skype Users to a Skype Chat Group Using Android

Skype also allows you to create chat conferences where you can add multiple users in a single group so that you all can communicate with each other without having to go to each user’s personal inbox.

In order to create a Skype chat group, you must have at least one friend using the program to start the chat. Once the chat group is created on Skype, you can add as many friends as you want to the group.

You can invite the Skype users to a Skype chat group even from your Android smartphone with just a few taps.

Here is how

    ■Turn on your Android smartphone if it is not already powered on.
    ■Tap the Menu icon to go to the apps list.

    ■Locate and tap the Skype app icon to launch the app.

    ■On the Sign in window, if prompted, log in either using your Microsoft account or Skype Name.

    ■Assuming you are logging in using Skype Name, provide your correct credentials in the appropriate fields, and tap the Sign in button.

    ■Once you are signed-in, tap a person’s ID to chat with. (E.g. Peter Frank in this demonstration).

    ■On the selected user’s timeline, tap the Add icon (icon with the plus sign in circle) at the bottom-right corner.

    ■From the opened pop up box, tap the Add participants option.

    ■On the next window, type the target username in the available field at the top, and tap the username from suggestions list. (vivek.nayyar1107 in this demonstration.)

10. Finally tap the check mark sign from the top-left corner to add the person.


Note: You can only invite people to a Skype chat group who have been added to your Skype contact list.