How to Learn a Language with Google Assistant


As you already may know Google Assistant has many functions. You probably use a bunch of them but one of the more interesting ones is the ability to translate English to other languages and vice versa. You can actually learn a new language in its basic form.

Don’t expect to learn a language on an expert level though. While it can translate words and phrases it can’t really give you any specific tips or some certain rules in grammar if those exist in the language you’re interested. (unless you “Google it” of course). Still, it’s a great feature to have, especially if you travel abroad and have to use some basic words and phrases to communicate. That being said, here’s what you can do to learn a language with Google Assistant.

    ■ Start by opening your Google Assistant by saying “Hey Google” or “Ok Google”. You can also hold the Home button on your phone.

    ■ There are a few ways you can use the translate option. If you say “Can you translate ‘...’”, after the Google Assistant says “What needs translating”, you just need to say in English the word or the sentence you want to be translated.

    ■ Probably the more efficient way is to just say “Translate to ‘language you want’ ‘word you want’ ”. So for example, if you want to translate “Can I borrow this?” to German, you need to say Translate to German can I borrow this.

    ■ You can also repeat the word or phrase the Google Assistant translated by tapping on the small volume icon.


    ■ Also, you can do things vice versa. You can translate words or sentences from another language directly to English, although you might need to type the command in since the Google Assistant might not understand what you’re saying in another language. Example, if you use Translate to English das fenster, Google Assistant will recognize that’s the German word for “window”.
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