How to Link to Part of a Track in Spotify

Spotify is one of the best digital music streaming services on the Internet. Besides providing millions of songs on the go, it has a strong collection of features. One is that you can share a song and link to your favorite part of the track. Here’s how to link to a part of a song on Spotify.


1. Right-click on the name of the track you want to share.
2. Click on “Copy HTTP Link” or “Copy Spotify URI” from the context menu that appears.

Note - You should use the HTTP link if you share it on any instant message software because it will be clickable. It will also come in handy if you share it on any blog or website.
3. While you Right-click on the song and copy the ‘Spotify URI’, you wo;; get a link like this spotify:track:0LTZD4vTsp0EN1wXatc9IR.
• Now, to link to the desired track time/part of that track, just add the (#)-hash symbol to the end of the web address, followed by the specific track time. For example - if you want to link/share 1 minute and 50 seconds of that track you should just add the time to the end of the web address & the address now should look like spotify:track:0LTZD4vTsp0EN1wXatc9IR#1:50.
4. Then paste the link wherever you want to share it.
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