How to Make a New Netflix Profile


Having a separate profile for each user of a Netflix account is essential for the full streaming experience. Each profile has its own settings, categories, ratings and many other personalized menu items. Setting up a new Netflix profile doesn’t require setting up an entirely new account. This guide will go through the required steps for setting up a new profile on an already established account.

1. Go To The Netflix Homepage

Make sure you’re logged in and at the Netflix homepage.


2. Click Your Profile Name

In the upper right hand corner of the screen, click your profile name/avatar. It will drop down with a menu full of separate options.


3. Select Manage Profiles

Within that menu, select manage profiles. It is right above the menu item that says “Account”.


4. Select Add Profile

The next screen will show all of the current users of the account and their avatars. To the far right is an “Add Profile” option. The icon is a blank background with a plus sign in the middle. Click on that to move to the next screen.


5. Make An Age Appropriate Selection

For adult users, leave the kid selection box on the right unchecked. This restricts content for the profile, and further restricts it if you have parental controls in effect. But if the new profile is for kids, make sure to check the box.


6. Choose A Name

Choose a name for your new profile and it will generate! Make sure to press continue so that everything is confirmed.


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