How to Make a Private Instagram Account

Instagram is a social media service to share photos with friends and family members. The default setting on Instagram is public, which means that anyone can see the pictures you post. However. some people don't want to share these private photos with the world. Luckily, you can easily make your Instagram account private by following these steps.

Step 1:
You will be unable to change your profile settings using the website; you need to use your smartphone. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone. Once you are in the app, go to your profile by tapping on the profile button.

Step 2:
Once you are in the profile section, press the button for edit profile, which you will find next to your profile picture.

Step 3:
You will see a setting that says Posts are Private. You can turn it on by tapping this option. To save it, make sure you tap the check mark or done, depending on the type of smartphone you use.

Step 4:
Now your approved Instagram followers will be the only people able to see your posts. Remember that if you share the posts to other social media accounts, you have to change who will see it on those accounts. By having a private account, you will have to approve requests from anyone who wishes to follow you.
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