How to Manually Log Sleep on the Fitbit Flex

Tracking your sleep is a useful tool that Fitbit fitness trackers offer. However, sometimes you might forget to activate sleep mode when you go to sleep. Fitbit does offer a way to manually record your sleep on your dashboard and will save your data as long as you are wearing the wristband when you sleep.

Step 1: Sign into your Fitbit dashboard online. Click Log and select the Sleep tab.

Step 2: Enter the time and date you went to sleep. Use the previous day drop-down menu if you went to bed before midnight and the same day option if you went to sleep after midnight.

Step 3: While entering your sleep times, you can select a 12-hour (“12 hr”) time or you can record it in military time, noted as “24 hr.” Pick whichever time mechanism that works for you, so you can consistently record time that way if you need.

Step 4: Click Log Sleep to create the sleep log. The sleep information will show up on your dashboard as though you did activate sleep mode.

Recap: Your sleep information should still be tracked by the Fitbit, even though you didn’t specifically activate sleep mode. As long as you were wearing the wristband, the sleep tracking data is still available and can be used on your dashboard to continue tracking your sleep pattern. Consistently tracking your sleep will benefit your overall health profile.