How to Move Multiple Apps At Once in iOS 11

Moving an icon from one place to another on your iPhone helps you arrange the apps according to your preferences and their usage. However, changing the location of more than one app icons individually can be a time consuming and tedious process which many users might not appreciate much.
As a solution, iOS 11 allows you to move multiple icons on the Home screen in a single go. This not only saves your time, but you can also have all the less-used apps aligned together at a different side of the screen.
The process of moving multiple app icons on an iPhone running iOS 11 is simple. Here’s how:
    Put the icons/apps in editing mode
    Tap and hold down any one app icon on your Home screen until all the icons start wiggling. This will put the icons in editing mode where they can be moved to a different location, or the apps can be removed from the iPhone altogether.

    Create a stack of multiple icons
    While holding down the wiggling icon, slightly move the finger on the screen to form a stack. Next, individually tap each icon you want to move. Any icon that you’ll tap will be added to the stack, and the stack will behave like a single entity.

    Move the stack to your preferred location
    After you have added the icons to the stack, without taking your finger off, drag the whole stack to your preferred location on the Home screen, and release the screen to move all the selected icons to your chosen area. Doing so will automatically shift the other, unselected icons to the right, making room for the ones you moved.

    Get back to normal state

Once you’re done moving the icons, press the Home button. This will exit the edit mode, and will let you use your iPhone normally.