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  1. mrmike16

    What is the flag with an exclamation mark?

    Hi, on a user's post near their username appears a few icons. Most of them I understand, such as the accumulated points and Likes. When hovering my mouse above the icons, it actually says what they are in the form of balloon tips - except for the bottom one, which is a flag with an exclamation...
  2. S

    Help me to identify these icons

    Hi i am an adroid user and i saw my daughter's iphone has these two heart shaped icons. Can you help me to identify them? Image url. https://imgur.com/a/1oijdTP Many thanks in advance.
  3. J

    Solved! My Facebook icon dissapeared from my phone and inter drawer how can I get it back

    Facebook icons gone from my phone totally I need to get it back on my phone please
  4. jsmithepa

    What is this TCL Roku Icons on my screen?

    I don't understand what these 2 icons are telling me. TCL Roku TV. TIA.
  5. S

    Solved! To erase open icons onscreen

    Watching movie but there are opeyicons on bottom of screen. How do I get rid of them
  6. H

    Solved! Acer tablet camera

    How do I fix my acre tablet camera but not reset it? When I click on the camera no icons show up and the screen is black every camera app that i download is the exact same
  7. M

    Solved! my phone works- it rings, you can hear the ring tone but I cant open the window to see my accounts or any thing but it just wo

    my phone works but you cant turn it off and you cant open it to view the window of icons or any thing but when some one calls it rings but you cant answer, didn't drop it or not in water it just locked up
  8. B

    Solved! My acer aspire black screen HELP!

    My acer aspire its letting me log in but then it just goes black no icons apps no nothing
  9. V

    Solved! on my hp stream laptop pc I can't click on the password bar and any icons in my lockscreen. I can't put on my password I can't

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  10. R

    How to Add Customized Profile icons in Netflix

    Netflix is one of the finest video streaming services in the world now while allows a wide range of TV series, feature movies and even documentaries. It has a long line of genres and many award winning videos. It is available in more than 190 countries and counting, and with more than 130...
  11. A

    I can't find my icons - how do i tap and hold the screen background? what do I tap?

    I can't find my icons - how do i tap and hold the screen background? what do I tap? my screen is black
  12. S

    icons visible only on primary screen

    hi. i have a pc running constantly the same software on a win7pro environment. the system is not connected to the internet, also no updates. this is the configuration: pc is connected to the primary screen (a projector) and through a remote unit with a monitor(2nd screen)/mouse/keyboard in...
  13. C

    I have sound but no picture on my Acer laptop. Help!!!???

    My laptop has sound and no picture. I am only able to shut down by icons on bottom of my screen because my power button itself doesn't work. Help please
  14. C

    my screen is blank, all my icons disappeared?

    my icons on my android phone disappeared, turned it off and on, nothing happened
  15. C

    Internet icons connection

    Hi, Internet icons on my laptop aren't working, and I can't even access the control panel to close down laptop. I'm connected to WiFi. My laptop is 4 weeks old, and windows 10.
  16. L

    Solved! OPPO A39 camera icon and google search bar deleted by accident.

    OPPO A39 camera icon and google search bar deleted by accident. I accidentally deleted my camera icon and google search bar - and when i try to press and hold the background nothing comes up... help!
  17. P

    how do i take my apps icons off alphabtical sort

    i want to arange my apps icons off alphabitical order
  18. P

    Refixinf missing icons

    I lost my face book icon,google icon, ahatsapp icon and viber icon. But I still get notifications. Theyare still live.but can not directly access any of there apps. How can I resolve this problem
  19. R

    I cant able to find the current version under regedit registry. What should i do now?

    I want to increase the size of the icons in photoshop cc. I am using windows 10 os. I am not able to setup the external manifest file for increasing the photoshop icons. Kindly help me soon.
  20. A

    Tablet is turned on, batt at 100% screen is locked

    tablet is turned on -battery shows 100%-started using tablet-icons are frozen-cannot turn unit off or move icons
  21. S

    All my icons dropped to bottom right and my system tray gone vertical. Don't know to bring it back to normal.plss help

    Firstly my system tray gone vertical then all icons dropped to right bottom..Don't know how to bring it back to normal..help
  22. H

    i cant get my icons back on desktop windows 10

    desktop icons are missing please restore them
  23. P

    No start button and no icons on the desktop

    I just bought a new Acer laptop and there is no start button and no icons on the desktop and it won't let me load any. Why is
  24. M

    cannot see icons on second monitor

    the second monitur diisplays the background but not the icons oh the desktop of the primary monitor
  25. viveknayyar007

    How to Move Multiple Apps At Once in iOS 11

    Moving an icon from one place to another on your iPhone helps you arrange the apps according to your preferences and their usage. However, changing the location of more than one app icons individually can be a time consuming and tedious process which many users might not appreciate much. As a...
  26. S

    my icon's art back squares. me table is still working

    My icons of samsung table art just back squares but using it now even though its very slow
  27. BorealMind

    Does somebody knows where these violet icons come from in Asus?

    Hi, a few weeks after installing a ne system, these strange violet icons appeared when inserting SD-cards etc. Not that it bothers me but does anyone knows where it comes from? https://imgur.com/f7nz7pb
  28. E

    Taskbar icons blinking while using Chrome

    Hello, Few months ago I've noticed that when I use Chrome to surf internet my taskbar icons blinks from time to time. It's like refreshing. This happens at random times every few minutes. Here is the example of the blinking: https://i.stack.imgur.com/MiDti.gif. As I said, this doesn't happen...
  29. R

    My laptop (windows 10) is stuck at the lock screen!

    My laptop which is windows 10 is stuck at the lock screen. Instead of the picture I set my lock screen as it shows a red screen and the password bar is nowhere to be found. Although, the three icons at the bottom right show. Please help! I have pictures on my laptop that are valuable!
  30. S

    identify this chrome extension icon? (unicorn head with pink hair)

    Sent to me in a screen photo (yes, I know). I already tried Google Image Search and the Chrome Extension Store. Thanks.
  31. P

    Solved! mouse deleting files

    Toshiba Satellite Radius 11 L15W-B1320 mouse deleting everything
  32. S

    Problem: don't show laptop icons when I connect it to a 4K tv through hdmi

    Hello I have just bought a Samsung 4K smart tv UE49MU6402, I try to connect my laptop through hdmi , I can see the image but no icons appeared and when I open browser doesn't show it to tv. If I connect through screen mirror it's all ok. What's maybe the problem?
  33. K

    The bottom part of my laptop (Dell) screen is black. How do I fix it?

    The bottom portion of my laptop (Dell) is black with the icons moved up to the top of the black.
  34. B

    My screen is coming on

    Screen is coming on but no icons visible just a picture on screen
  35. A

    i have note4 having dead icons while seeing blue screen like camera icon etc kindle tell me solution

    i have note4 having dead icons while seeing blue screen like camera icon etc kindle tell me solution
  36. K

    my laptop's model is ASUS X553M.my screen's having a horizontal line at the end of the screen.its covering half of the minimiz

    the line is green in color.it's making half of the icons look pink.
  37. S

    have taskbar but no icon

    i have taskbar but there no icons
  38. R

    Bugging app ...

    Hi recently I am facing trouble with a new app called h5gamer which gets installed in my tab without permission and creates screen pop up icons....no matter what I did it still gets installed again...is it due to some of my other app permissions that this app gets installed?
  39. S

    Solved! How to remove left behind icons of uninstalled apps on hl-1088 android netbook.

    I have successfully uninstalled a variety of apps, none of which required device administration. The problem is the icon of these no longer installed apps remain on the screen of my HL-1088 android netbook. I have tried right click and settings and have thus far not found a solution. Any help...
  40. Y

    cannot see icons on second monitor

    Hi, I have Windows 10 on my PC. Till yesterday, whenever I turned my PC, "ON", I used to get the desktop Icons on it as well as on my secondary monitor (TV) (connected via USB to HDMI cable). Suddenly today, after switching the PC, "ON", the desktop and the icons on the PC were wide and the...
  41. Gartix

    How I can change the size of icons and texts and -just all- in Adobe Photoshop CC?

    Hi guys. I had a small,and its very small icons and everything in photoshop CC,whole other programs and windows (10 PRO 64 bit) its just fine,just when I open photoshop the icons and everything its that small that you almost cannot target the icons,and work with this just really sucks...I...
  42. G

    i can see icons but back ground stays all black

    my hp laptop turns on but back ground is all black. And I can still see icons. Please help.
  43. M

    remove virus delete icons left click recyclebin

    is this problem solved ? cause i have the very same problem problem to. please help how to solved this. in my opinion this happens when i installed a Auto clicker Murgee and cant used properly. i have reformatted my pc and re installed the OS windows 8.1 (Problem solved) but after a few...
  44. Z

    My skype icons are up top when they are suppose to be on the bottom

    My skype icons are up top when they are suppose to be on the bottom , On skype I have searched around for a fix but have not found a solution yet.
  45. K

    Icons at bottom of screen and sides of screen won't show on Vizio 32" hdtv with HDMI from laptop

    Hooked my HP laptop with WIN 8 to my Vizio 32" hdtv and duplicated the screen. The problem I'm having is that the icons at the bottom of the screen aren't showing and the sides of the screen run off and aren't showing full sentences. I can't scroll and beginning and end of sentences aren't...
  46. friendlyone20

    Can someone tell me what these icons mean?

    Here is a picture I know one means Wifi and one is for the battery but what do the other ones mean. This computer is an Asus Zenbook if that's helpful
  47. A

    Last icon of desktop always selected

    When I start my computer last icon of the desktop is automatically selected. When i click on other icons only the last icon is opened. I can open the icons if i press the ARROW or WIN button and refresh. Initially it was only at startup but now it comes again and again i.e. If am using file...
  48. A

    icon changer virus

    i got a virus which changes the icons again and again,fire walls out bound rules e also nt working what tool do u suggest, avast premier and its all scanning methods ve been failed,bit defender total security failed, panda gold protection is failed to resolve the issue.plx
  49. S

    My acer computer won't load icons

    When I turn it on, it goes black, restart it and it don't have the icon like Internet ect, then restart it and it has the icon but won't let me click on it
  50. M

    windows 10 icons on the bottom won't open

    hello i'm having trouble with some of the icons on the bottom of windows 10 not opening. including the sound, the internet tab the battery tab....and the time and calender tab... some times when i turn my laptop on they work fine and other times they wont open and sometimes one will open but...
  51. H

    Unidentified "start the game" green arrow icon on taskbar; can't close, can't identify.

    This taskbar icon has appeared some time ago out of the blue. When I either left-click or right-click the icon... ... this window appears. I can't do anything with it. Clicking the window does nothing. I can't identify the app from the task manager as there seem to be no apps that seem...
  52. S

    picture library windows 7 Only showing icons with orange flower all of them ...not showing actual picture?

    Only showing icons with orange flower all of them ...not showing actual picture?
  53. F

    Laptop screen on screen saver with no icons.

    I have an Acer laptop. This morning I have the screen saver only, (no icons). Hence I cannot use it. Last night I turned it off as always and it worked perfectly all day yesterday. Please help
  54. G

    ASUS turns on but desk top is gone

    ASUS turns on. After entering password, I get to desk top which shows the background correctly, but no icons to get to programs. I'm running WIN 10. I opened the task manager, but didn't see anything out of order. I've rebooted twice.
  55. J

    icons do not respond

    Please can you tell me what to do : icons do not respond to the commands of opening them, neither does the on and off.
  56. R

    mouse pointer is working but selecting the icon is not working why? and what is the solution?

    the mouse pointer is not clicking the icons while we choose the icons. the pointer is selecting the icons but it is not performing the functions why? give me the solutions for this problem
  57. W

    After ive powered on my laptop and try to click on any of the icons nothing happens .I even have to take the battery out to sw

    I point and click on any icon on my Lenovo laptop but none responds.Even when I have to switch my laptop off I have to take the battery off?
  58. HogCooter

    Updated driver now icons are off screen. Home Theater

    Running win 7 for home theater to 50 1080 HDTV. Today NVIDIA updated driver and when it rebooted the outside icons are off the screen. I have tried highest setting and lowered it as well, the icons are like it recognizes that it is a much larger tv but the icons actually look larger. Any...
  59. J

    Netflix not working at all

    I have been using Netflix for a long time now and i haven't run into any problems until now. Today on my PC it hasn't been working at all. pictures show up but all of the icon for the play button and the netflix icon in the corner etc. are blank (just small squares). no movies or TV shows will...