How to Open Your MacBook Pro with Your iWatch


If you own an iWatch, chances are that you don’t know about many of its features. One of them being the ability to unlock a MacBook pro without even having to touch either of the devices. Can’t believe it? Read on and you can learn to do it yourself.
To be able to use this feature both the devices, the iwatch and the MacBook Pro need to be connected with each other. This process is not as easy as it sounds. Follow the steps below to learn how to connect both these devices and use the iWatch to unlock the MacBook Pro.

Step 1
Open the 'Settings' menu on the MacBook Pro and click on the option called ‘Security and Privacy’.

Step 2
Once you click a separate dialog box will open where there will be an option titled.’Allow your Apple Watch to Unlock Your Mac’.

Step 3
Your system will ask you for your 'Password'. Once you enter your password and hit 'OK' you will be able to unlock your MacBook Pro with your iWatch.

Step 3
Wear the iWatch on your wrist and simply lift it up and look at it, and the display of the watch will show you that your MacBook is being unlocked. The MacBook screen will also show the same message.

Things to note:

  • ■Both the devices need to be post-2015 models.
    ■Go to and turn off the 2-step verification.
    ■The 2-step verification on your MacBook Pro needs to be activated.
    ■You need to set up a security passcode on your iWatch.
    The feature will not work unless these conditions are fulfilled.